Ambien DUI

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Driving under the influence of sleep is not a criminal offense, so you’d think that taking and getting behind the wheel of a car wouldn’t land you in cuffs, right? Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Central Florida drivers are often criminalized by local law enforcement for allegedly being under the influence of a drug or substance when in all actuality, they’re drowsy from taking a sleeping pill. While it may seem like a simple mistake, a DUI arrest can result in your car being towed, you spending a night in a cold jail cell, and waking up with little to no recollection of how you got there.

Law enforcement will likely fight the case to the end, even if they’re aware that your body was merely reacting to the effects of a sleeping pill. Combat their efforts by securing the legal counsel of a driven DUI defense lawyer乐福彩票网.

The Ambien DUI defense lawyer乐福彩票网s at The Umansky Law Firm are here to provide stalwart legal counsel against the charges you’re facing. We understand that this may be your first run-in with the law and the idea of potentially getting convicted of a crime you didn’t commit is harrowing, to say the least. Our team will fight relentlessly on your behalf to have your name cleared of all charges.

Sleep-Driving While on Ambien

Many Ambien DUI cases involve sleep-driving. This action occurs when an individual takes a sleeping pill, unknowingly wakes up and engages in regular activities like walking around, eating, and driving. Much like sleep-walking, the individual is not aware of his or her actions and seems to be “out of it.” When a police officer pulls over a “sleep-driver,” they see someone who is disoriented and often not fully clothed, leading them to believe that the individual is experiencing a “high” from taking a controlled substance.

While all parties can agree that sleep-driving is dangerous, it is not a crime and therefore should not result in a DUI conviction.

Ambien Impairment While Driving is NOT a DUI

The state of Florida requires the plaintiff in a DUI case to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant was impaired from alcohol or a qualifying controlled substance or chemical. Ambien, while it can cause an individual to operate a vehicle while half awake and half asleep, is neither a chemical nor controlled substance as described in .

Ambien is not a “party drug” and is not used recreationally to get a “high.” Due to this and the fact that the substance itself is not what causes impairment (sleep) but instead the effects of the substance, Ambien is not an outlawed controlled substance. It can be compared to other impairments that one may experience from extreme emotional distress, high levels of caffeine, cell phone distractions, and extreme fatigue.

Get Help from Orlando DUI Defense Lawyers

Sleep-driving after taking Ambien isn’t a common occurrence, which is why many law enforcement officers are unaware of how to differentiate it from controlled substance impairment. Although you may know that you’re innocent, proving that to law enforcement may not be as straightforward as you expect.

Get the legal help you’ll require to resolve your DUI case by securing representation from a knowledgeable attorney. The at The Umansky Law Firm are seasoned DUI lawyer乐福彩票网s who’ve handled a range of DUI cases. We take pride in being able to present the facts and commonly overlooked details in a case and use it to create an impermeable defense for the accused. As Board Certified Criminal Trial Lawyers who’ve successfully handled many misdemeanor and felony DUI cases, we’re confident that we can help guide your case to a favorable resolution.

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