Expunging and Sealing a DUI Record In Orlando

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Clearing Your DUI Record in Florida

When motorists get , it can impact their lives greatly, even if it’s the only mark on an otherwise perfect record. A charge for driving under the influence can impact your ability to gain employment in certain fields, and can even impact your ability to buy a 乐福彩票网. This does not include the impact on you personally.

  • Society has a tendency to view anyone with a DUI arrest on their record as being irresponsible, and oftentimes someone with a drinking problem. It can impact a person’s life greatly, both emotionally and legally. In any case where someone can have their record sealed or expunged, it’s highly recommended in order to save them grief in the future.
  • If someone is facing a DUI charge in the state of Florida, whether in a highly populated area such as Orlando or a more rural one, it’s highly recommended that they seek a lawyer乐福彩票网 well versed in Florida’s sealing and expungement laws. Over time, these laws change so it’s always a good idea to have an attorney who is experienced in that particular area of law.

DUI Sealing vs DUI Expungement

Having a essentially means it’s removed from public view. It still exists, but it’s no longer public information, so it won’t come between you and your future goals. On the other hand, having a DUI expunged results in the record being removed entirely. This saves you from having to explain to any potential employer (or anyone else) the circumstances of the incident. Once the matter is dismissed or the charges get dropped and the record is expunged, the person is free to move forward and not have this incident affect their future.

How To Remove a DUI From Your Record in Florida

If you retain a DUI expungement attorney to do the initial paperwork, what they’ll do is take the original disposition that’s certified by the clerk of court and send it over to the State Attorney for their approval. The State Attorney will sign off on that application indicating that the charge was dropped. Once they sign off on that application, the lawyer乐福彩票网 will send that application to the with a $75 processing fee. Once you get your $75 fee submitted and a fingerprint card along with the certified disposition to the FDLE, they should issue you a certificate of eligibility.

      • They will send it back to your lawyer乐福彩票网 who will then prepare a petition and an affidavit where you’ll have to swear, under oath, that you have no prior convictions. Obviously, you must tell the truth. If you don’t, it will subject you to perjury.
      • Once we get the petition prepared and the attorney looks over all the documents, they will file it with the court. The court will usually wait for the state of Florida’s response, and the state of Florida can respond with no objection, agreeing to it, or in some rare occasions, object to the petition.
      • Many times, it can be done without a hearing. But if there is a hearing, the lawyer乐福彩票网 will attend on your behalf. Sometimes you will attend and try to convince the judge why they should get rid of your record. The DUI record expungement process isn’t difficult, but it must be done properly.

Don’t Keep That DUI on Your Record Any Longer!

Once you have a DUI on your record, things become complicated in all aspects of your life. You may not get hired for a job due to your record. Your insurance costs may have also skyrocketed and you can’t afford that added expense.  The list goes on and on for the collateral damage you will suffer as a result of drunken driving charges and conviction. Reach out to The Umansky Law Firm today to learn more about what options are available to remove this DUI from your record.

If you’ve been arrested for a DUI and would like to learn more about sealing or expunging your record, please contact one of our to help create the best strategy to get you back on the road again and living a better life. The Umansky Law Firm is all about second chances, and we believe everyone deserves one. 

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