Injured on a Lynx Bus in Orlando?

People use public transportation such as Lynx rather than their own vehicles for reasons including economy, convenience, and reduced emissions. Some transit riders simple prefer to relax while letting a professional driver deal with the traffic.

While you are more likely to be injured while driving your own vehicle than while aboard a bus or public transit, serious injuries, and fatalities do occur in accidents involving buses, trains, light rail, and hired transport.

What Does Lynx Do after a Bus Accident?

The first thing Lynx representatives will attept to do is have passesngers complete forms. The details you provide on these forms can be used against you during a lawsuit if it’s beneficial to Lynx. Anything that could end up helping you and hurting Lynx could go undiscovered.

After the forms are completed, Lynx will most likely try and get statements on the record from passengers involved in the bus accident. They will use people who have been trained to ask questions in a fashion that could cause you to give an answer that ultimately harms your case against them. Things like this are exactly why we tell our clients to NOT provide any type of statement without an attorney present.

The final thing that Lynx will do involves offering a settlement amount. Representatives will reach out to the injured passengers or their family and give an offer way below what the case is worth. In order to accept the offer, they will ask you to sign a settlement agreement that waives your right to file suit against them.

Fighting for Bus Accident Victims Across Florida

If you or a member of your family has been injured in a Lynx bus accident or a crash involving a hired vehicle of any kind, please contact our auto accident lawyer乐福彩票网s at The Umansky Law Firm in Orlando, Florida. We specialize in helping victims of transit accidents obtain monetary compensation for the injuries and other damages they have suffered.

Our experienced motor vehicle accident attorneys can represent you in any case involving public transportation, including those involving Lynx, City of Orlando, Orange County buses, or limousine companies. We help local bus accident victims as well as tourists who were hurt while aboard a hotel shuttle bus, theme park trolley, monorail, limousine, or rental car. We also represent cruise ship injury victims.

We Represent People Involved in Public Transit Accidents in Florida.

It costs you nothing to learn if we can be of assistance to you. We offer a free consultation and case evaluation to persons hurt in bus accidents or other public transportation accidents. And, because we will represent you on a contingency basis, you will pay no attorney fees unless we win compensation for you. Don’t delay. Whether you were injured in a city bus, a taxi, an airport shuttle, a limo or any other vehicle, please contact a bus accident lawyer乐福彩票网 at our firm for effective representation and personal service.

Sometimes you may be in a difficult situation and may not be able to
defuse the situation without going to court.