Average Facial Scarring Settlement

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One of the most damaging effects of a car accident takes place when an injury leaves a noticeable scar across the face. Of all the scars a person might develop after a violent crash, facial disfigurement is the most valuable in terms of how much compensation the victim may recover. This is because — of all your body parts — your face is constantly on display for all to see.

Facial scars can come from a number of painful scenarios. A person who survives a car crash might hit his head against the steering wheel, dashboard, or windshield forcefully. Some might suffer from an

If you have recently been involved in a vehicle accident in Orlando and have sustained an injury to your face, you must act quickly. The potential value of your injury may decrease as your wound heals. An experienced car accident attorney who has fought for facial scar settlements can be a tremendous value in your case.

Estimating the Value of a Facial Scar

When you work with a fierce and dedicated facial scar attorney, your goal is to receive a fair financial reward for suffering permanent damage to your body because of someone else’s negligence. Adjusters and attorneys consider a variety of factors when calculating damages for facial scars. Work with an injury attorney in Orlando to learn a ballpark figure of what you can realistically expect after developing a facial scar from a car accident.

Factors that May Affect your Settlement Amount

Facial scar injuries can be challenging to calculate. Not all facial scars are created equal. The value of an accident claim which seeks compensation for a facial scar depends upon the specifics of  the case, including:

  • The manner in which you were injured
  • Your age
  • Your sex/gender
  • The size, color, and visibility of your scar
  • The position of your scar
  • The extent of disfigurement
  • Whether the scar is permanent
  • Your marital status 

Scars on men are generally worth less than scars on women. These gender differences reflect the society in which we live. Scars on a man may be viewed as signs of toughness or masculinity, and are thus widely acceptable. Studies have even shown that

Additionally, facial scars on children are worth more than scars on adults. Juries may also view disfigurement on an unmarried person to be more severe than on a married individual, as the scar may make it more difficult to find a partner.

An insurance adjuster’s personal biases may influence the settlement amount the insurance company offers you. An adjuster whose recreational activities include hunting or woodworking may view scars more favorably than an adjuster who engages in less risky hobbies. Thus, it’s difficult to predict the offer you will get without reaching out to a knowledgeable facial injury lawyer乐福彩票网 and providing details of your case.

Orlando Facial Scarring Lawyers 

When you allow a personal injury lawyer乐福彩票网 to know the details of your case and negotiate with insurance adjusters on your behalf, you gain a significant advantage. At The Umansky Law Firm, our lawyer乐福彩票网s understand the type of information that will sway insurance adjusters into giving you a better settlement offer, and we have decades of experience litigating such claims in court.

Studies show that . We will work closely with you to understand just how your developing scar is affecting your life and make a case for why you deserve just compensation. With over 100 years of experience resolving personal injury matters in Orlando, you can trust us to help you win a favorable settlement.

Attorney William Umansky serves on the Board of Directors for the Central Florida Trial Lawyers Association and is an active member of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers. You can count on him to treat your case diligently and respectfully. 

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