Criminal Case Results

Petit TheftAdjudicated guilty, court costsState v. 2019-MM-007486-A-O / Orange / Jeanette Bigney2/18/乐福彩票网
Motion to Modify ProbationMotion granted to buy out community service hoursState v. 2019-CT-001842-A-W / Orange / Wayne J. Shoemaker2/12/乐福彩票网
Aggravated battery - dating violenceCharges droppedState v. 乐福彩票网-CF-000836-A-O / Orange / Julie O'Kane2/11/乐福彩票网
Battery - Touch or StrikeCharges DroppedState v. 2019-MM-007362 / Lake / Cary Rada2/11/乐福彩票网
1. Battery on a law enforcement officer, 2. DUI with property damage, 3. DUI with breath alcohol level of .20 or higher, 4. ticket for careless driving.1. Charge dropped, 2. Received minimum DUI sanctions but court did not impose fine, 3. charge dropped, 4. ticket dismissed.State v. 2019-CF-011386-A-O, 2019-CT-001691-A-W, 2019-TR-027453-A-W / Orange / Jenifer Harris2/10/乐福彩票网
Driving while license suspended with knowledge (2nd conviction)Adjudicated guilty, complete class, court costs State v. 2018-CT-008242-A-O / Orange / Adam McGinnis2/10/乐福彩票网
Violation of ProbationViolation of Probation dismissed.State v. 2018-MM-000530 / Flagler / Melissa Distler2/10/乐福彩票网
Possession of CocaineAdjudicated Guilty, court costs and credit for time served.State v, 2019-CF-013083-A-O / Orange / Keith White2/10/乐福彩票网
DUI with crash with breath alcohol level of .183Defendant pled to DUI minimum sanctions, did not want to risk jail time by filing motions, etc.State v. 2019-CT-002694 / Osceola / Stefania Jancewicz2/10/乐福彩票网
Carrying a Concealed FirearmNolle prosequi/case droppedState v. 2019-CF-013941-O / Orange / Keith White2/10/乐福彩票网
Petition to Expunge for DUI ChargePetition grantedState v. 2017-305165-MMDB / Volusia / David H. Foxman2/7/乐福彩票网
DUICharges Dropped after client successfully completed diversion programState v. 2018-CT-006779 / Orange / Elizabeth Starr2/6/乐福彩票网
BatteryCharges DroppedState v. 2019-MM-002125 / Orange / Andrew Cameron2/6/乐福彩票网
Criminal MischiefAdjudication Withheld, Letter of ApologyState v. 2019-MM-010253-A-O / Orange / Criminal Division A2/6/乐福彩票网
Interfere with Fire Suppressant Device, Evidence Tampering, Resisting an officer without ViolenceNolle ProsequiState v. 2018-CF-003513-A-02 / Lake / James Baxley2/6/乐福彩票网
Possession of Cannabis- <20 Grams, Possession of ParaphernaliaCharges DroppedState v. 2019-MM-006636-A-CR / Lake / Cary Rada2/6/乐福彩票网
Careless Operation of VesselAdjudicated guilty (sentence was only to pay fine and other costs)State v. 2019-MM-030304 / Brevard / Rhonda E. Babb2/5/乐福彩票网
Battery (Domestic Violence)Charges droppedState v. 乐福彩票网-MM-000317-A / Seminole / Mark Herr2/4/乐福彩票网
1. Dealing in Stolen Property (Trafficking), 2. Grand Theft of $10,000 or more, 3. Burglary of structure, 4. Burglary of structureAdjudication withheld on count 1, sentenced to 10 years of supervised probation. Counts 2-4 droppedState v. 2019-CF-007062-B-O / Orange / Denise Beamer2/4/乐福彩票网
DUI with BAC over .15 and Leaving Scene of AccidentDUI reduced to below .15 and Leaving Scene of Accident charge droppedState v. 2019-MM-005943-A / Seminole / John Woodard2/4/乐福彩票网
DUIAdjudicated Guilty State v. 2019-CT-002706-A-O / Orange / Faye L Allen2/3/乐福彩票网
Seat Belt not Worn by Driver; Careless with fatalityboth cases dismissed State v. 2019-TR-099619-A-O, 2019-TR-100999-A-O / Orange / (98 Hearing Officer and As Assigned 55)2/3/乐福彩票网
Carrying a Concealed Firearm, Openly Carrying a Firearmcharge dropped for first charge and adjudication withheld, not convicted on the second offense.State v. 2019-CF-013692-A-O / Orange / Bob LeBlanc1/30/乐福彩票网
Battery Domestic ViolenceCharges droppedState v. 乐福彩票网-MM-000238-A-O / Orange / Maureen Bell1/30/乐福彩票网
Lewd and lascivious molestation of a minor between 12-16 years oldAdjudication of guilt, 3 years prison, followed by 2 years sex offender community control, followed by 10 years sex offender probation.State v. 2019-100869-CFDL / Volusia / James Clayton1/30/乐福彩票网
Written threats to commit mass shooting (F2)Reduced to misdemeanor disruption of school functions, withhold of adjudication, 100 word essay, 6 months of probationState v. 2019-CJ-000972 / Osceola / Laura Shaffer1/30/乐福彩票网
Leaving the scene of an accident with serious injuriesWithhold of adjudication, 3 years of probationState v. 2018-CF-005800 / Orange / Julie O'Kane1/30/乐福彩票网
DUIClient received first time offender DUI program, reduced to reckless driving, withhold of adjudication.State v. 2019-MM-006445-A / Seminole / John Woodard1/29/乐福彩票网
Racing on HighwayAmended to civil ticket for careless drivingState v. 2019-CT-007555-A-O / Orange / Andrew Cameron1/28/乐福彩票网
Criminal Mischief, BatteryBoth charges dismissedState v. 2016-CF-002421 / Seminole / Marlene Alva1/28/乐福彩票网
DUI with crash and BAC of .170State amended to simple DUI (BAC below .15), client received minimum DUI penalties, can buy out ½ of community service hoursState v. 2019-CT-002107-A-W / Orange / Steve Jewett1/27/乐福彩票网
Driving on suspended license and VOPDriving on suspended license charge would make client a Habitual Traffic Offender. Convinced state to amend this to a No Valid Driver's License to avoid HTO status. Credit time served on VOP.State v. 2019-CT-000998-A-E, 2018-CF-003104-A / Orange / Adam McGinnis1/27/乐福彩票网
Driving while license suspendedAmended to no valid driver's license, adjudicated guilty, court costs.State v. 2019-CT-003016 / Polk / Stacie L. Kaylor1/24/乐福彩票网
DUI with BAC of .203, speeding ticket (76 in a 40mph), and ticket for DL not carried or exhibited on demandState stipulated to DUI with BAC below .15 after client was kicked out of CDP program. Adjudication withheld on speeding ticket, DL ticket dismissed.State v. 2018-CT-003896 / Osceola / Christine Arendas1/24/乐福彩票网
Violation of Probation with a new law charge. Original charge was Battery on a Law Enforcement Officer. New law charge was DUI in Pasco , FL.Adjudicated GuiltyState v. 2018-CF-001960-A-O / Orange / Tanya Davis1/22/乐福彩票网
Burglary of Occupied Conveyance, Criminal Mischief, 2 counts of BatteryAll charges droppedState v. 2018-CF-018371-A-O / Orange / Leticia Marques
Three charges of battery on a law enforcement officer; resisting officer with violence; resisting officer without violencePre-Trial Diversion for all three charges of battery on a law enforcement officer; charge dropped/nolle prosequi; no action takenState v. 2018-CF-014603-A-O; 2018-CF-014604 / Orange / Tom Young1/20/乐福彩票网
Possession of Cannabis (marijuana) with intent to sell or deliver; possession of more than 20 grams of cannabis (marijuana); possession of cannabis > 20 grams (attempt); possession of cannabis w/intent to sell/deliver; possession of drug paraphernaliaAdjudication withheld; nolle prosequi/charge dropped; no action taken; no action taken; no action takenState v. 2018-CF-016524-A-O / Orange / Bob LeBlanc1/20/乐福彩票网
Criminal Mischief $200 to $1000Nolle Prosequi/charge droppedState v. 2019-MM-0009804 / Seminole / John Woodard III1/20/乐福彩票网
Lewd/Lascivious molestation < 18 (Victim less than 12 years of age); Lewd or Lascivious conduct (by person < 18)Adjudication withheld/not convicted on both chargesIn Re 2019-CJ-000890-A-O / Orange / Timothy R. Shea1/20/乐福彩票网
Trafficking in Controlled Substance; Trafficking in 28 Grams or More of Cocaine (3 Year Minimum Mandatory); Trafficking in 10 grams or more of phenethylamines; Possession of MDMA/Ecstasy; Possession of Amphetamine with IntentNolle prosequi/charges dropped; Nolle prosequi/charges dropped; adjudicated guilty; no action taken; no action takenState v. 2019-CF-001640-A-O / Orange / Bob LeBlanc1/20/乐福彩票网
DUI with crash and BAC over .15 and 3 traffic tickets.Amended to simple DUI (no crash/BAC under .15). Traffic tickets dismissedState v. 2019-CT-005970-AXXX-XX, 2019-TR-070857-A-O. 2019-TR-070856-A-O, 2019-TR-070855-A-O / Orange / Jason Nimeth1/17/乐福彩票网
Client hired for discipline team meetingDefendant sent to alternative school for 180 days. We appealed before hearing and won. Student allowed to return to school right away.In Re Expulsion Hearing / Orange County Public Schools1/17/乐福彩票网
Knowingly driving while license suspended or revokedCharges droppedState v. 2018-CT-002464-A-W / Orange / Andrew L. Cameron1/16/乐福彩票网
DUI with bad crash and BAC of .247State amended to simple DUI (BAC below .15), allowed mail in probation, early term upon completion, no interlock deviceState v. 2019-CT-004550-A-O / Orange / Faye L. Allen1/16/乐福彩票网
Petit Theft of a $100 or MoreAdjudication Withheld (NOT CONVICTED)State v. 2019-MM-008067-A-O / Orange / Faye L Allen1/16/乐福彩票网
Violation of ProbationProbation was revoked and terminated, sentenced to a new term of probation, 2 years drug offender probation with possibility of early termination.State v. 2018-CF-003284, 2018-CF-003285 / Marion / Steven Rogers1/15/乐福彩票网
2 counts of Felony Battery (Great Bodily Harm, Permanent Disability or Permanent Disfigurement)Reduced to Misdemeanors. Adjudication Withheld (NOT CONVICTED), 1 year probation each count consecutive with option to Early Termination after 1 yearState v. 2018-CF-009820-A-O / Orange / Renee A. Roche1/15/乐福彩票网
Unlawful speed ticket (86 in a 55 mph)Citation amended to 84 in a 55 mph zone, withhold of adjudication, $279.00 fine and $33.00 court costsState v. 2019-TR-146396-A-O / Orange / Hearing Officer1/14/乐福彩票网
DUI with BAC over .15We got the state to stipulate to DUI below .15. Client received minimum DUI penalties. State v. 2019-CT-006744-A-O / Orange / David Johnson1/14/乐福彩票网
Possession of CocaineCase droppedState v. 2019-CF-002470-A-O / Orange / Keith F. White1/14/乐福彩票网
Petit Theft of $100 or moreWithhold of adjudication, theft class, court costsState v. 2019-MM-008647-A-O / Orange / Nancy Clark
Fail to Obey Traffic Control Device; Failure of each party to the crash to provide proof of insurance to investigating officerCharges dismissedState v. 2019-TR-0030671-A-W; 2019-TR-030672-A-W / Orange / Eric H DuBois1/13/乐福彩票网
Driving Under the Influence (BAL > = 15); Violation of Non-Resident Requirement for DLAdjudicated guilty but prior DUI reduced to wet reckless; Nolle prosequi (charge dropped)State v. 2019-CT-003961-A-O; 2019-CT-003962-A-O / Orange / Steve Jewett1/13/乐福彩票网
Battery-Touch or Strike DomesticCharges Dropped/AbandonedState v. 2019-MM-008037-A / Seminole / John Woodard III1/13/乐福彩票网
Resisting Officer without violence; trespass in occupied structure (refusal to leave)Nolle prosequi/charge dropped (with Pre-Trial Diversion program) on both chargesState v. 2019-MM-003261-A-O / Orange / David P Johnson1/13/乐福彩票网
Violation of Pre Trial Release Condition on Domestic Violence CaseAdjudication WithheldState v. 2019-MM-003556 / Orange / Maureen A Bell1/13/乐福彩票网
Fail Redeliver Hired/Leased Personal Prop > $300Nolle Prosequi/Case DroppedState v. 2017-CF-003745 / Polk / Michael P McDaniel1/13/乐福彩票网
Disorderly IntoxicationOriginally charged with DUI BAC .183, reduced to disorderly intoxicationState v. 2019-MM-007064-A / Seminole / John Woodard III1/13/乐福彩票网
Careless DrivingAdjudication WithheldState v. 2019-TR-013654-A-A / Orange / Jeanette D Bigney1/13/乐福彩票网
Two counts of battery (domestic violence)Nolle prosequi/case droppedState v. 2019-MM-08158-A-O / Orange / Maureen A Bell1/13/乐福彩票网
DUI (2nd offense)Client was not US citizen. We were able to get charge amended to 1st DUI. Client received first time DUI penalties.State v. 2019—102962-MMDL / Volusia / Robert Sanders
Two counts of contributing to the delinquency or dependency of a minorAdjudication withheld/not convicted on both countsState v. 2019-MM-001345 / Osceola / Christine E Arendas1/10/乐福彩票网
Possession of Fentanyl; Possession of Drug Paraphernalia; Sale of Controlled Substance; Sale/Delivery of HeroinAdjudication withheld/not convicted; charge dropped; no action; no actionState v. 2018-CF-003239 / Osceola / Jon B Morgan1/10/乐福彩票网
Resisting officer without violence; Assault (Domestic Violence) (Assault)Adjudication withheld/not convicted; droppedState v. 2019-MM-000411-A-E / Orange / Adam McGinnis1/10/乐福彩票网
Possession of Drug ParaphernaliaCase DroppedState v. 2018-MM-003137 / Osceola / Christine E Arendas1/10/乐福彩票网
Reckless Driving Alcohol Related, Fleeing/attempting to elude a law enforcement officer, resisting officer without violence, reckless driving alcohol related, Fleeing or attempting to elude a law enforcement officer at high speed or with wanton disregardAdjudication withheld/not convicted, adjudicated guilty, nolle prosequi/charge dropped, adjudicated guilty, adjudicated guiltyState v. 2019-CT-000320-A-W; 2019-CF-013105-A-0; 2019-CF-001054 / Orange; Orange; Osceola / Steve Jewett; Keith F White; Jon B Morgan1/10/乐福彩票网
Leave scene of accident w/prop >50, Crossing median driving strip or marked divider of highwayAdjudication withheld/no conviction, also state wanted 6 months of probation + 50 hours, got them down to $200 fine only, dismissedState v. 2019-CT-002023; 2019-TR-023407 / Osceola / Christine E Arendas1/10/乐福彩票网
Petit TheftNot convictedState v. 2019-MM-000090-A-O / Orange / David P Johnson1/10/乐福彩票网
Possession of Cannabis; Possession of Drug ParaphernaliaNot convicted on both countsState v. 2017-MM-001590 / Osceola / Christine E Arendas1/10/乐福彩票网
Petit TheftCharge droppedState v. 2019-MM-001773-A-O / Orange / Adam McGinnis1/9/乐福彩票网
Petit theftCharges dropped – client successfully completed diversion programState v. 2019-MM-000492-A-W / Orange / David Johnson1/9/乐福彩票网
Leaving Scene of Accident, careless driving ticketCriminal charge amended to civil failure to report information, traffic ticket dismissed State v. 2019-CT-007251-A-O / Orange / Jeanette Bigney1/8/乐福彩票网
Failure to Yield to Oncoming TrafficTicket dismissedState v. 2019-TR-125862-A-O / Orange
Petit TheftCharges droppedState v. 2019-MM-001017 / Osceola / Stefania C Jancewicz1/8/乐福彩票网
Double parkedCharges dropped2019-CT-001510 / Osceola / Stefania C Jancewic1/8/乐福彩票网
Boating under the influenceLicense suspended2019-IN-000053 / Osceola / Hal C Epperson1/8/乐福彩票网
Stalking or cyber stalkingProbation2019 CJ 002518 / Orange / Timothy R Shea1/8/乐福彩票网
VOPReinstated probation2016-cf-002009-A-O / Orange / Kim Beamer1/8/乐福彩票网
Petit TheftCase droppedState v. 2019-MM-008784-A-O / Orange / Criminal Division A1/8/乐福彩票网
Unlawful speed, headlights fall to dim, and driving under the influenceNot convicted on DUI, Amended to Reckless Driving and 9 months probation. Tickets were dismissed.State v. 2019-MM-007528 / Seminole / Mark E Herr1/8/乐福彩票网
No Valid Drivers License, No Motor Vehicle Registration, No headlights ticketAll charges droppedState v. 2019-CT-001454-A-A, 2019-CT-001453-A-A, 2019-TR-016016-A-A / Orange / Steve Jewett1/7/乐福彩票网
BatteryCharges dropped – State filed no informationState v. 2019-MM-004957-AXXX / Lake / Jason Nimeth1/6/乐福彩票网
False and fraudulent insurance claims, scheme to defraudCharges dropped, client completed diversion program.State v. 2018-CF-011265-O/A / Orange / A. James Craner1/6/乐福彩票网
DUI (2nd offense) and DMV Formal Review HearingCharges dropped, won DMV hearing, client was able to get driver’s license reinstatedState v. 2019-MM-009457 / Seminole / Jerri Collins

Failure to yieldticket dismissed despite both law enforcement officer and witness both showing up to the hearingState v. 2019-TR-014646-A-E / Orange / David Johnson1/3/乐福彩票网
Delivery of controlled substance, delivery of cannabis  Withhold of adjudication, 24 months of probation, community service, court costs State v. 2019-CF-008811-A-O / Orange / Tom Young
Possession of Alcohol By Person Under 21No Information Notice/case droppedState v. 2019-MM-008826 / Orange / Jeanette D. Bigney1/2/乐福彩票网
Battery on a Law Enforcement Officer, Trespass on Property other than Structure or Conveyance, Resisting Officer without ViolenceClient pled to Trespassing and Resisting without Violence charges. Adjudicated guilty, credit time served, court costs. Battery on Law Enforcement Officer charge dismissed.State v. 2019-CF-008853-A-O / Orange / Tom Young
Battery-Touch or Strike (Domestic Violence)No Information Notice/case droppedState v. 2019-MM-010336A / Seminole / Jerri Collins12/30/2019
Reckless driving and 3 traffic ticketsReduced to civil careless driving, withhold of adjudication, traffic tickets dismissedState v. 2019-CT-005970-AXXX-XX, 2019-TR-026145-AXXX-XX, 2019-TR-026148-AXXX-XX, 2019-TR-026146-AXXX-XX / Lake / Jason Nimeth12/30/2019
Client hired us to file motions to release D-6 suspension on 8 traffic tickets that were past due and had been sent to collections.Motion granted, D-6 suspension removed and due date to pay citations extended.State v. 2015-TR-156146-A-O, 2018-TR-007407-A-O, 2017-TR-011465-A-O, 2016-TR-124901-A-O, 2016-TR-145740-A-O, 2016-TR-103900-A-O, 2016-TR-083896-A-O, 2016-TR-077349-A-O / Orange / Hearing Officer12/27/2019
Possession of CocaineCharges dropped – client successfully completed diversion programState v. 2018-CF-013204 / Orange / Gail Adams12/27/2019
Battery on Law Enforcement Officer, Disorderly IntoxicationCharges dropped – client completed diversion programState v. 2018-CF-015777 / Orange / John E Jordan12/27/2019
DUI with property damage or personal injury, open container ticket and careless driving ticket.Client blew .274. State stipulated to DUI below .15, client received minimum DUI penalties with mail in probation, no community service. Civil tickets dismissed.State v. 2019-CT001873 / Osceola / Christine Arendas12/27/2019
Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Possession of CannabisCharges dropped – client completed diversion programState v. 2019-MM-003654 / Polk / David Stamey
DUICharges droppedState v. 2018-CT-000558 / Orange / Brian F. Duckworth12/20/2019
Grand Theft, Dealing in Stolen Property, Fraud False Ownership Information for Pawned Items Over 300 DollarsReferred to Diversion Program and Charges Dropped.State v. 2019-CF-000336A / Seminole / Melanie Chase12/20/2019
No Valid Drivers License
Unlawful Speed
Client received withhold of adjudication, court costs
Charge dismissed
Seminole / Mark Herr12/20/2019
Possession of concealed weapon by convicted felon, possession of controlled substance with intent to sell/deliver, use or possession of drug paraphernalia.Adjudicated guilty, 4 years drug offender probationState v. 2019-CF-016835-AXXX / Brevard / Kelly Jo McKibben12/19/2019
DUIReduced to wet reckless, $250.00 fine, 25 hours community service, no DL suspensionLake / Cary Rada12/19/2019
Petition to Expunge on the charge of Uttering a Forged Check (2 Counts)Petition grantedState v. 2018-CF-013926-A-O / Orange / Gail A. Adams12/17/2019
DUIReduced to reckless driving, withhold of adjudication, 6 months of probation.State v. 2019-MM-004074 / Seminole / Debra Krause
Felony DUI (client's 4th DUI)Reduced to misdemeanor with minimum penalties - no jailOrange / Tina Caraballo12/17/2019
VOPReinstated probationOrange / Bob LeBlanc12/17/2019
Phase One - Discipline Team Meeting
Level 4 Code of Conduct violation - threat to kill student
Student allowed to remain in school with counselingOrange School Board12/16/2019
Battery (Domestic Violence)Charges DroppedState v. 2019-MM-009576-A-O / Orange / Maureen A Bell12/16/2019
Possession of Cannabis, Possession of Drug ParaphernaliaReferred to Diversion program and charges dropped.State v. 2019-MM-005890 / Polk / Stacie Lea Kaylor
Fraudulent Use of Personal Identification Information; Misinterpretation of Association With, Or Academic Standing at, Any Postsecondary Educational InstitutionCharges DroppedState v. 2018-CF-010249-A-O / Orange / Lisa T Munyon12/12/2019
Client received license suspension for being under 21 with BAC over .02Suspension upheldOrange12/11/2019
DUI Second Offense; Refuse Breath Urine Blood DUI Test after Previous SuspensionGuilty; Nolle Prosequi (charge dropped) State v. 2019-CT-017461 /Brevard / Kenneth Friedland
Battery (domestic violence)Charges droppedOrange / Juvenile Division A12/6/2019
Aggravated Batterywithhold adjudication/not convicted Orange / Robert J. Egan 12/5/2019
Robbery with a FirearmCharges DroppedState v. 2019_CF-007262-A-O / Orange / Elaine Barbour
 Â Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚ 
student wrote hate speech dare on school 'challenge list' that was homophobic about gay teacher Level 4 Verified, 180 days out of schoolIn Re (expulsion hearing / Orange Public Schools12/4/2019
Possession of Controlled Substance; Possession of more than 20 grams of Cannabis; Possession of Drug Paraphernalia Nolle prosequi/case droppedState v. 2019-CF-002044  / Osceola / Greg A. Tynan
Trafficking in 10 grams or more of 3,4-methylenedioxyCriminal charge amended to Possession of controlled substance w/ intent to sell or deliver. Adjudication withheld.State v. 2018-CT-015970-A-O / Orange / John Jordan
Aggravated Battery
Making False Report to Law Enforcement
Charges DroppedSeminole / John Galluzzo11/26/2019
Petition to Expunge for the charge of Battery (Domestic Violence)Petition grantedState v. 2018-MM-011224-A-O / Orange / Maureen Bell11/25/2019
Violation of Probation (new law violation)Credit time served, probation revoked and terminatedState v. 2018-CT-009738-A-O / Orange / Wayne Shoemaker
DUI balance >=.15 Second Degree FelonyCharge downgraded to a first degree misdemeanor, adjudicated guilty, 1 year probation, 50 hours community service, 6 month suspension and may apply for a hardship.State v. 2019-cT-007299-A-O; 2019-TR-130518 / Orange / Brian F. Duckworth
BatteryAdjudication Withheld State v. 2019-CF-010336-A-O / Orange / Keith F. White
DUI (client's 3rd DUI Arrest)Adjudicated guilty, NO JAIL, 12 months probation, 6 months DL suspension, 1 year interlock, no community service.Brevard / David Koenig11/22/2019
Phase One - Discipline Team Meeting
Level 4 Code of Conduct Violation
Student allowed to remain in school with counselingOrange Public Schools11/21/2019
BatteryCharges dropped – State filed No InformationState v. 2019-MM-009088-A / Seminole / Debra Krause11/19/2019
Possession of Cocaine; Possession of Drug ParaphernaliaCharges DroppedState v 2019-CF-003362-A-O / Orange / Keith F White11/19/2019
VOPWe filed Motion to Quash the Warrant and got the warrant lifted and probation revoked and terminated.State v. 2016-MM-001627 / Osceola / Stefania Jancewicz
Phase Two - Appeal of expulsion decisionLevel 4 Code of Conduct violation verified, decision upheld, 90 day placement of alternative schoolOrange School Board11/15/2019
Petition to Expunge for BatteryPetition grantedState v. 2018-CF-013926-A-O / Orange / Tina Caraballo11/14/2019
DUI with Damage to Person/Property
DUI with Damage to Person/Property
Careless Driving
We got client into Tier 2 Early Resolution program - withhold of adjudication to the amended charge of Reckless Driving, 12 months of mail in probation with option to early term at halfway pointVolusia / Robert Sanders11/14/2019
Fraud, Failure to redeliver hired or leased property of $300.00 or more.Charges droppedState v. 2017-CF-016272-AXXX-XX / Brevard / Robin Lemonidis
Operating Motor Vehicle without Valid Driver's License Nolle prosequi/charge droppedState v. 2019-CT-007192-A-O / Orange / Andrew L. Cameron11/12/2019
Level 4 Code of Conduct ViolationViolation dismissed, student allowed to return to school immediatelyIn Re Expulsion Hearing / Orange / Orange County Public Schools11/8/2019
Driving with License SuspendedAdjudication withheld, pay $530 fine and court costs within 120 daysState v. 2019-CT-002246 / Osceola / Stefania Jancewicz11/6/2019
Client hired for Motion for Early Termination of ProbationMotion grantedState v. 2018-CT-009154-A-O / Orange / Steve Jewett11/5/2019
Improper Exhibition of Weapon or FirearmCharges DroppedState v. 2019-MM-003706 / Osceola / Hal C Jr Epperson11/5/2019
Battery, resisting officer without violenceCharges dropped, client completed diversion programState v. 2018-MM-009101-A / Seminole / Mark Herr11/4/2019
Taking Wildlife from right of way; unlawful to take/possess deer or turkey during closed season case dismissed State v. 2019-MM-004075-AX / Manatee / Renee Inman11/1/2019
Driving while license suspended, unlawful speedCriminal charge amended to civil ticket for failure to display driver’s license. Adjudication withheld. Speeding ticket dismissed.State v. 2019-MM-007864-A / Seminole / Mark Herr
Possession of Cannabis<20 grams, Possession of Drug ParaphernaliaDismissedState v. 2018-MM-003023 / Osceola / Christine E Arendas10/30/2019
Possession of Tetra-hydro cannabinolsAdjudication WithheldState v. 2018-cF-015348-A-O / Orange / Keith F. White10/30/2019
1st Degree Misdemeanor - BatteryDroppedState v. 2019-MM-008123 / Seminole / Debra L. Krause10/30/2019
1st Degree Misdemeanor - StalkingAdjudication WithheldState v. 2019-MM-007252A / Seminole / Debra L. Krause10/30/2019
Battery on a Law Enforcement OfficerAdjudication WithheldState v. 2019-CF-006257 / Orange / Bob LeBlanc10/30/2019
Reckless drivingCriminal charge amended to civil ticket for careless driving. Adjudication withheld.State v. 2019-CT-002523 / Osceola / Hal Epperson
Misdeameanor Domestic BatteryDropped/ExpungedState v. 2018-MM-001595 / Osceola / Stefania C. Jancewicz10/29/2019
Unlawful speed on the interstateadjudicated guilty; case dismissedState v. 2018-TR-068074 / Polk / Margery D. Wolf
DUICharges dropped – client successfully completed diversion programState v. 2018-CT-002292-A-O / Orange / Evellen Jewett10/24/2019
Petit TheftDismissedState v. 2018-MM-006814-A-O / Orange / Adam McGinnis10/24/2019
Battery Touch or Strike MisdeameanorDropped/ExpungedState v. 2018-MM-010666 / Seminole / Woodward10/24/2019
Domestic Battery by StrangulationAdjudicated Guilty (4 years of probation and $720 court cost)State v. 2019-CF-001855A / Seminole / Marlene M. Alva10/23/2019
Repeat ViolencePetitioner voluntarily dismissed this actionState v. 2019-DR-013657-O / Orange / Alice L. Blackwell10/23/2019
VOP; Grand Theft Third Degree of $10,000 or more, Obtaining Property by Worthless Check of $150 or more (to a business) Probation reinstated; Adjudicated Guilty, Nolle prosequi/charge dropped State v. 2014-CF-006879-A-O; 2018-CF-002647-A-O / Orange / Tom Young; Gail A. Adams10/22/2019
Hunting over baitCharges droppedState v. 2019-MM-001563 / Osceola / Christine Arendas10/22/2019
DUIDismissedState v. 2018-CT-005553-A-O / Orange / Tina Caraballo10/22/2019
BatteryNolle prosequi/case droppedState v. 2018-MM-009467-A / Seminole / John Woodard III10/21/2019
Grand Theft Third DegreeCharges DroppedState v. 2018-CF-013262-B-O / Orange / Bob LeBlanc10/21/2019
Possession of Alprazolam; Possession of Controlled Substances w/ intent to sellCharges DroppedState v. 2018-CF-013350-A-O / Orange / Gail A. Adams10/21/2019
Grand Theft Third DegreeCharges DroppedState v. 2018-CF-013262-C-O / Orange / Bob LeBlanc10/21/2019
Burglary of ConveyanceCharges DroppedIn Re 2018-CJ-003135-A-O / Orange / N/A10/19/2019
Possession of a Controlled SubstanceCase droppedState v. 2019-CF-003365-A-O / Orange / Jenifer Harris10/18/2019
Violation of Probation: Aggravated fleeing or attempting to elude a law enforcement causing serious bodily injury, Leaving the scene of a crash with serious bodily injury, CR-DUI with serious bodily injury, Cr- driving W/LIC. SUSPw/death/serious injury, No registration, Attempted Vehicular homicide, Expired drivers licensesettled on 90 months of DOCState v. case number: 2019-MM-002171 / Osceola / Christine E Arendas10/16/2019
Petit TheftCase droppedState v. 2018-MM-009553A / Seminole / Frederic Schott10/16/2019
Assault on LEO Enforcement Officer/Firefighter EMT and Fail to Obey Police/Fire DepartmentPetition to Expunge grantedState v. 2018-MM-303733 / Volusia / Bryan A. Feigenbaum10/11/2019
Petit Theft >100Grand theft reduced to petit theft with no conviction as plea offer. State v. 2019-CF-001726 / Osceola / Wooten10/11/2019
Grand Theft>$300<$5,000Adjudication withheldState v. 2019-CF-002165 / Osceola / t Wooten10/11/2019
VOPCredit time served, probation revoked and terminatedOsceola / Stefania Jancewicz10/10/2019
Petit TheftRecord ExpungedState v. 2017-MM-001935 / Osceola / Stefania C Jancewicz10/9/2019
Careless DrivingTicket not on license; Just pay ticket citationState v. 2019-TR-106204-A-O / Orange / Wayne Shoemaker10/8/2019
Unlawful SpeedDismissedState v. 2019-TR-028840-A-W / Orange / Wayne Shoemaker10/8/2019
DriverÂ’s License not carried or exhibited on demandAdjudication withheld; could not fix DL in time, got civil anyways, other 2 TRS dismissedState v. 2015-CT-001313-A-W / Orange / Adam McGinnis10/8/2019
DUI Client got no jail, no DL suspension, and no community service.State v. 2019-CT-003562-A-O / Orange / Jeanette Bigney10/7/2019
Possession of Heroin; Possession of Drug ParaphernaliaCharges DroppedState v. 2018-CF-01173-A-O / Orange / John Jordan10/7/2019
Driving while License Suspended or Revoked; Unlawful speedAdjudicated Guilty; Dismissed without ReasonState v. 2019-MM-004677-A / Seminole / Mark E Herr10/7/2019
Petit Theft of $100 or MorePre-Trial DiversionState v. 2018-CF-007682-A-O / Orange / Tanya Davis Wilson10/7/2019
Leave Scene W/O Giving Info > $50 DamageAdjudication WithheldState v. 2019-CT-005787-A-O / Orange / Andrew L Cameron10/4/2019
Grand Theft / 2 counts of Petit Theft / Driving suspended License and Petit TheftMultiple Theft charges no Jail time no Conviction of Felony case.State v. 2019-MM-006488-A / State v. 2019-MM-005701-A / State v. 2019-CF-002203-A / Seminole / Alva, Marlene10/3/2019
Petit Theft by EmployeeProbation. Originally charged with Felony employee theft. Pled down to misdemeanor petit theft with no conviction.State v. 2019-CF-001460 / Osceola / Greg Tynan10/3/2019
Dealing in Stolen Property; Giving False Verification of OwnershipNo Jail Time; No ConvictionState v. 2019-CF-001639A / Seminole / Marlene Alva10/3/2019
Possession of CocaineState of Florida dropped the charges (No Information Notice)State v. 2019-CF-0097620-A-O / Orange / John E. Jordan10/3/2019
Grand Theft, Scheme to DefraudCase Dropped, not convicted - Scheme to defraud dropped. Grand theft pursuant to scheme dropped to simple grand theft. Client received withold of adjudication which means she was not convictedState v. 2019-CF-004649-A-O / Orange / Tom Young10/1/2019
Possession of Cannabis; Possession of Concentrated CannabisCharges DroppedState v. 2019-CF-002788-A-O / Orange / Dan Traver10/1/2019
Possession of Marijuana under 20 grams; Possession of drug ParaphernaliaCharges DroppedState v. 2018-MM-000603-A-W / Orange Evellen Jewett10/1/2019
Possession of cannabis less than 20 gramsDroppedState v. 2019-MM-00834-A-O / Orange / Tina Caraballo10/1/2019
Unlawful SpeedDismissedState v. 2018-TR-0121623 / Lake / Brian Welke10/1/2019
Excessive Speed in Subdivision; Excessive Speed passing cars over Solid LineNot convicted, Driving classesState v. 2019-CT-004163-AXXX / Lake / Jason Nimeth10/1/2019
Client hired for Motion to Modify Sentence and Impose Withhold of Adjudication on 2 traffic tickets to reverse her habitual traffic offender status.Motion grantedState v. 2018-TR-116112-A-O, 2018-TR-000466-A-O / Orange / Hearing Officer9/27/2019
Unlawful speed state road (requires speed)Withhold of adjudicationState v. 2019-TR-028301 / Osceola / (hearing officer)9/26/2019
Possession of Cocaine with Intent to Sell or DeliverCharges droppedState v. 2019-CF-007619-A-O / Orange / Gail A Adams9/26/2019
Resisting officer with violence, battery on law enforcement officer, resisting officer with violenceAdjudication withheld, no action taken, no action takenState v. 2019-CF-004369 / Orange / Tanya Davis Wilson9/25/2019
Driving While Licensed SuspendedCharges DroppedState v. 2018-MMDL-102128 / Robert Sanders9/25/2019
Burglary of a Dwelling while armed, grand theftAdjudication withheld by , announcement of no informationState v. 2019-CF-00145-AXXX / Lake / James R. Baxley9/24/2019
Sexual ExposureRecord SealedState v. 2017-MM-004355-AXXX-XX / Lae / Jason Nimeth9/24/2019
Petit TheftDroppedIn Re 2017-CJ-001288-A-O / Timothy Shea9/23/2019
Criminal Mischief, Resisting Officer without ViolenceCharges DroppedState v. 2018-MM-009124-A-O / Orange / Fisela Laurent9/23/2019
Failure to Obey Traffic Control DeviceCitation DismissedState v. 2019-MM-000492-A-W / Seminole / Hearing Officer9/19/2019
Reckless Driving, Headlights Driving WithoutTicket dismissedState v. 2019-MM-6155A / Seminole / Debra L. Krause9/19/2019
Failed to leave information unattendedAdjudication withheldState v. 2019-CT-000754-A-E / Orange / Wayne J. Shoemaker9/19/2019
Criminal Mischief over 200 less than 1000 dollars, resisting officer obstruct without violenceAdjudication withheld, disposed by prosecutor, guiltyState v. 2018-MM-059111 / Brevard / Kenneth Friedland9/19/2019
Possession of Controlled Substance, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia Case closedState v. 2019-CF-005477-A-O / Orange / Keith F. White9/19/2019
Unlawful SpeedDismissedState v. 2019-TR-093104-A-O / Orange / (As Assigned 55)9/19/2019
Use or Possession of Drug ParaphernaliaReferred to Pretrial Diversion after successful completion the charges were droppedState v. 2018-MM-009334 / Seminole / Frederic Schott9/19/2019
Possession of Controlled SubstanceRefer to pre-trial diversion, charges droppedState v. 2019-CF-004944-A-0 / Orange / Gail A. Adams9/19/2019
Tampering/Harassing a Witness and BatteryDropped and ExpungedState v. 2015-MM-007574-A-O / Orange / Maureen Bell9/19/2019
DUIDropped and ExpungedState v. 2012-CT-006234-A-O / Orange / David Johnson9/19/2019
Grand theft Third DegreeCharge DroppedState v. 2018-CF-008865-B-O / Orange / Keith White9/19/2019
Battery, Resisting Officer without Violence, Possession of Cannabis <20gGuilty on count 1 â€ÃƒÂƒÃƒƒÃ‚‚‚“ credit for time served, remaining two charges dismissedState v. 2019-MM-000018-A-O / Orange / Bigney9/19/2019
Assault (Domestic Violence)Charges Dropped2018-MM-007182-A-O Orange/Wilfredo Martinez9/19/2019
Battery Domestic Violence and Possession of More than 20 Grams of CannabisCharges Dropped2018-CF-038107-AXXX-X Brevard/Fran Jamieson9/19/2019
Order Terminating Child from Drug Court Treatment ProgramCompleted Diversion Program: Charge Dropped2018-CJ-000946-AXXX Brevard/James H Earp9/19/2019
DUI- Driving While Under The InfluenceCharge Dropped2015-CT-009145-A-O Orange/Elizabeth J Starr9/19/2019
No TagAdjudication withheld; amended to civil, $116 fine issued, and the other ticket was dismissed2018-CT-003870-A Lake/Senior Coverage 29/19/2019
Possession of not less than 20 grams of cannabisAdjudication withheld; must pay $228 in fines.2018-MM-004405-A Seminole/John Woodward III9/19/2019
Written Threats to Kill or do Bodily HarmCharges dropped2017-CF-002149 Osceola/Jon B. Morgan9/19/2019
Possession of Cannabis, Possession of Drug ParaphernaliaCharges Dropped, Charges Dropped2018-mm-001991 Osceola/Draper, Carol E.9/19/2019
Driving Vehicle in Unsafe ConditionAdjudication Withheld2016-TR-040631 Osceola/Irwin, Michael L.9/19/2019
The client was arrested for violation of probation because they failed their drug test.A week later we got her out of jail and off probation. The state revoked probation with credit for time served.2017-MM-010502-A Seminole/John Woodard III9/19/2019
CT-Reckless Driving (Reduced from DUI)This was the clientâ€ÃƒÂƒÃƒƒÃ‚‚‚™s second DUI with a crash. We got one reduced to reckless driving with no drivers license suspension. As well, we got leaving the scene of an accident dropped.2018-CT-005875-A-O 2018-CT-005877-A-O Orange/Tine L Caraballo9/19/2019
Petit Theft of $100 or More; Scheme to DefraudAvoided Conviction; No Action Taken2018-CF-004934-A-O Orange/Keith White9/19/2019
Driving while license canceled suspended or revoked; Driving w/o headlights during rainAdjudicated Guilty, 20 days jail and court costs; dismissed without reason2018-MM-004666A Seminole/Jerri Collins9/19/2019
Scheme to Defraud; Petit TheftAvoided Conviction; Charges Dropped2018-CF-006577-A-O Orange/John Jordan9/19/2019
Leaving Scene of Accident w/ Property <$50.00Adjudicated Guilty â€ÃƒÂƒÃƒƒÃ‚‚‚“ Defendant charged with leaving the scene of accident with injuries, (mandatory 3 years license suspension) he has CDL, we got it reduced to misdemeanor leaving the scene, no license suspension, fine and driving class.2018-CF-000718 Osceola/Greg A. Tynan9/19/2019
Grand Theft 3rd Degree (>$300, <$5,000); Providing False Information to Law Enforcement Officer; Possession of Fictitious IDAvoided Conviction; Charges Dropped; Charges Dropped2017-CJ-002301 Orange/Sally D.M. Kest9/19/2019
Aggravated battery with a deadly weaponNo information notice2018-CF-006305-A-O Orange/James A Craner9/19/2019
1)Attaching tag not assigned1) Amended to civil infraction; withhold, $114 fine, $33 court costs2018-CT-006001-A-O Orange/Tina L. Caraballo9/19/2019
2) Ticket-Failure to yield2) Dismissed9/19/2019
Possession of MDMAClient was charged with trafficking and facing three years minimum prison up to possibly 30 years. Resolved case with reduced charged and probation, client avoided being a convicted felon and losing his drivers license.2018-CF-000870A Seminole/Melissa Souto9/19/2019
Battery (Domestic Violence); Assault (Domestic Violence)Pretrial Diversion2017-MM-010158-A-O Orange/Wilfredo Martinez9/19/2019
Possession of Cannabis <20 gramsAdjudication Withheld; This case was before Draper. The client lives out of state, and the client gave two clean drug tests to the court. The court accepted no conviction and court costs as sentence.2018-MM-002051 Osceola/Carol E. Draper9/19/2019
Battery (Domestic Violence)Charge Dropped2018-312340-MMDB Volusia/Belle B. Schumann9/19/2019
Motion for early termination of probationGranted2017-MM-010182-A-O Orange/Tina Caraballo9/19/2019
Possession of 20 Grams or Less of Cannabis (Marijuana) and Possession of Drug ParaphernaliaDUI-NP/dropped. Cannabis/paraphernalia-NP/dropped. All TRS-dropped.State v. 2019-MM-003053-A-O / Orange / Wayne J. Shoemaker9/19/2019
Unlawful speedDismissedState v. 2019-TR-022768-A-W / Orange / (95 Hearing Officer)9/19/2019
Possession of Methamphetamine, Resisting an Officer Without Violence, Driving Under the InfluenceFelony dropped. DUI (Second DUI dropped to first DUI) 1st time mins.State v. 2019-CF-001689-A / Seminole / Debra S. Nelson9/19/2019
CT-DUI-Driving Under the Influence1067-DUI > .15 state stipulated below .15. 1st time DUI mins. 2105-DUI BAC .215 1st time DUI mins. Client had 2 DUIs pending at the same time-got him 1st time mins on both (no jail). Adjudicated guilty.State v. 2019-CT-002105-A-O / Orange / Jeanette D. Bigney9/19/2019
Level 4 Student Code of Conduct Violation, Physical Attack2nd level 4 at Positive Pathways already, 180 days, not fully expelledIn Re Christian Myrick / Orange Public Schools9/19/2019
Possession of Cannabis, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia,Charges droppedState v. 2019-CF-000742-A-O / Denise Deamer9/18/2019
Grand Theft 3rd Degree, Dealing in Stolen Property (Trafficking), Receiving Money from Pawnbroker by False verification of Ownership or Identification, Petit Theft; Careless Driving, Driver Present No InsuranceNolle Prosequi; Adjudicated Guilty, Adjudicated Guilty, Nolle Prosequi; Adjudication Withheld, Dismissed without Reason, Adjudicated guiltyState v. 2018-CF-003897 / 2019-MM-006422 / Orange / Seminole / Gail A Adams / Jerri Collins9/18/2019
Possession of a Weapon on School PropertyNolle Prosequi-Charges droppedIn Re Julian Perez / Orange Public Schools9/17/2019
Grand TheftProbationState v. 2018-CF-016873-A-O / Keith White9/16/2019
Leaving the Scene of an AccidentNot ConvictedState v. 2019-CT-000705-A-E / Orange / Andrew Cameron9/16/2019
BatteryNot convictedState v. 2018-MM-010348-A-O / Orange / Maureen Bell9/12/2019
Open Container while DrivingNot convicted, Pay a fineState v. 2019-MM-004155-A-O / Orange / Brian Duckworth9/12/2019
Petit TheftCharges DroppedState v. 2019-MM-006563-A-O / Orange / Tina Caraballo9/11/2019
Petit Theft of $100 or MorePre-Trial DiversionState v. 2019-MM-001469 / Osceola / Carol E. Draper9/5/2019
Grand TheftProbationState v. 2019-CF-001088A / Jessica Recksiedler8/30/2019
Fraud use of ID; Scheme to DefraudExpungedState v. 2017-CF-003180A / Polk / William Sites8/29/2019
DUIDropped and ExpungedState v. 2017-CT-000046-A-E / Orange / Andrew Cameron8/20/2019
Petit TheftExpungedState v. 2004-MM-000960-A-W / Orange / Andrew Cameron8/19/2019
2 charges of Resisting Officer Without ViolenceCharges Dropped and ExpungedState v. 2018-MM-004956-A-O / Orange / Brian Duckworth8/19/2019
DUIDropped and ExpungedState v. 2015-CT-003196-A-O / Orange / Brian Duckworth8/19/2019
Possession of Cannabis <20 gramsNolle prosequi, refer to pre-trial diversionState v. 2019-MM-000237 / Orange / Adam McGinnis8/19/2019
Unlawful speedAdjudication withheldState v. 2019-TR-072864-A-O / Orange / (As Assigned 55)8/19/2019
Reckless Driving (Reduced from D.U.I)No Driverâ€ÃƒÂƒÃƒƒÃ‚‚‚™s License suspension, got client wet recklessState v. 2019-CT-001801-AXXX / Lake / Jason J. Nimeth8/19/2019
Unlawful speedAdjudication withheldState v. 2019-Tr-019108-A-W / Orange / Adam McGinnis8/19/2019
Following Too Closely (TR)DismissedState v. 2019-TR-088531-A-O / Orange / (As Assigned 55)8/19/2019
Driving Under the Influence, SpeedingDUI reduced to careless driving citation wn, $169 fineState v. 2019-CT-010730-AXXX / Brevard / Kathryn C. Jacobus8/19/2019
Reckless Driving Alcohol Related, Driving on Wrong Side of Divided HighwayDUI (BAC .221) reduced to reckless driving, WH, 9 months probation, $500 fine, no DL suspension + DUI classes State v. 2019-MM-002077-A / Seminole / Debra L. Krause8/19/2019
Felony Driving while License Revoked (habitual offender), unlawful speedWH, 24 mos. Probation, 50 hrs community serviceState v. 2019-CF-000745-A / Seminole / Marlene M. Alva8/19/2019
Battery, Resisting Officer Without Violence, BatteryRefer to pre-trial diversion, adjudication withheld, nolle prosequiState v. 2018-CF-016391 / Orange / Tom Young8/19/2019
Careless Driving; DUI With Prop Damage/Personal InjuryDUI w/crash (2 cars) BAC .217; State stipulated below .15; TR dismissedState v. 2019-TR-063572-A-O; 2019-CT-003748-A-O / Orange / Steve Jewett8/19/2019
Careless Driving; Careless Driving; Reckless Driving (Reduced From DUI)DUI > .15 reduced to wet reckless w/ DUI minimums; TR dismissedState v. 2019-TR-007617-A-A; 2019-TR-007618-A-A; 2019-CT-003138-A-O / Orange / Wayne J. Shoemaker8/19/2019
Grand theft 3rd degree and scheme to defraudScheme to defraud was dropped. Pled down to simple grand theft from enhanced grand theft pursuant to a scheme. No conviction and probationary sentenceState v. 2019-CF-004649 / Orange / Tom Young8/19/2019
Resisting Arrest without violenceDroppedState v. 2019-MM-002175 / Osceola / Hal Epperson8/19/2019
Petit TheftDropped and ExpungedIn Re 2017-CJ-002710 / Orange / Robert Egan8/19/2019
Possession of drug paraphernalia; Possession of cannabis < 20 gramsDiversion completed, Charges droppedState v. 2018-MM-000125-A-E / Orange / Brian Duckworth8/19/2019
DUIExpungedState v. 2011-CT-005487-A-O / Orange / David Johnson8/19/2019
BatteryDropped and ExpungedState v. 2015-MM-010715-A-O / Orange / Maureen Bell8/19/2019
Grand Theft 3rd degreeDropped and expungedState v. 2016-CF-005297-A-O / Orange / Jennifer Harris8/19/2019
Possession Of TetrahydrocannabinolsDroppedState v. 2019-CF-004661-A-O / Orange / Denise Beamer8/19/2019
Possession of more than 20g of Cannabis, Carrying a Concealed Weapon, Possession of Hashish, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Trafficking in Controlled Substance, Possession of Cannabis >20g (with a Weapon)Referred to Pretrial Diversion Program, charges 1 and 2 dropped, charges 3-6 no action takenState v. 2019-CF-002421-A-O / Orange / Barbour8/19/2019
Driving Under the Influence; Seatbelt not Worn by Driver; Driving While License Suspended/ RevokedCharges dismissed after successful completion of Pretrial Diversion ProgramState v. 2017-MM-007298-A; 2017-CT-008131; 2017-CT-6158 / Orange / Caraballo; Duckworth8/19/2019
Insurance FraudClient offered Pretrial Diversion and charges dropped after successful completionState v. 2018-CF-003011 / Lake / Davis8/19/2019
VOP (DUI)Defendant released from jail, 15 days credit time serviced, probation reinstatedState v. 2018-MM-009939 / Seminole / Jerri Collins8/19/2019
Injunction for protection against domestic violenceCase dismissedPetitioner v. 2019-DR-002564 / Seminole / Woodard8/19/2019
Trespass in Occupied Structure and CR- Resisting Officer without ViolenceNolle Prosequi (Charges Dropped)State v. 2018-MM-004248-A-O / Orange / Martha C. Adams8/19/2019
DUI- driving while under the influence (M1)Nolle Prosequi (charges dropped)State v. 2018-CT-002340-A-O / Orange / David P Johnson8/19/2019
BatteryCase DroppedState v. 2018-MM-001061 / Osceola / Stefania Jancewicz8/19/2019
Petit TheftDroppedState v. 2018-MM-007383A / Seminole . Frederic Schott8/19/2019
Possession of Marijuana under 20grams & Possession of Drug paraphernaliaDroppedState V. 2018MM007036A / Seminole / Mark Herr8/19/2019
Battery, 2 Domestic ViolenceNolle Pros & ExpungedState v. 2017-MM-007658A / Seminole / Mark Err8/19/2019
Child Abuse w/o Great harmExpungedState v. 2018-100944 CFDL / Volusia / James Clayton8/19/2019
Leaving the Scene Without Giving Information â€ÃƒÂƒÃƒƒÃ‚‚‚“ Crash; Careless Driving Citation; No Proof of Insurance CitationState wanted 6 months probation, we had the client complete classes and community service early so he got no probation. Withhold of Adjudication, court costs.; Both traffic citations dismissedState v. 2019-MM-004757 / Seminole / Jessica Recksiedler8/19/2019
Possession of 20 grams or less of cannabisClient successfully completed diversion program. Charges dropped.State v. 2018-CF-003347-A-O/ Orange / Brian Duckworth8/19/2019
Client charged with 2nd DUI (BAC 0.236) & Knowingly Driving While License SuspendedWe got the State to stipulate to DUI below 0.15 and drop the Driving While License Suspended Charge. Client received minimum DUI penalties. The wanted jail time but agreed to community service instead.  State v. 2019-CT-002290-A-O and 2019-CT-002291-A-O / Orange / Andrew Cameron8/19/2019
DUI with Property Damage/Personal Injury (hit 2 cars)Reduced to Reckless Driving Alcohol Related, client received withhold of adjudication, DUI minimum penalties, no interlock device.State v. 2018-CT-009359-A-O / Orange / Andrew Cameron8/19/2019
Felony possession of a controlled substance without a prescriptionReduced to misdemeanor possession of <20 grams of cannabis oil. Client received a withhold of adjudication, $100.00 fine, court costs. No probation.State v. 2019-MM-004468-A / Seminole / John Woodard8/19/2019
Careless DrivingAdjudication withheld, fine reduced from $164 down to $100.00, court costs, 60 days to pay.State v. 2019-TR-008387-A-E / Orange / Wayne Shoemaker8/19/2019
Injunction for ProtectionStipulated to Temporary InjunctionPetitioner v. 2019-DP-000344 / Orange / Thomas S. Kirk8/19/2019
Fleeing or attempting to elude law enforcement at high speed or with wanton disregardAdj. GuiltyState v. 2019-CF-001054 / Osceola / Jon B. Morgan8/19/2019
Careless DrivingDismissedState v. 2018-TR-076399-A-O / Orange / Elizabeth Starr8/19/2019
Battery Dating Violence- First Degree MisdemeanorCharge DroppedState v. 2018-MM-032621-A / Brevard / Thomas James Brown8/19/2019
Receipt of Child PornographyAdjudicated Guilty, Imprisoned for a total term of 120 months, Supervised release for a term of 7 years6:18-cr-111-Orl-37GJK Seminole/Roy B. Dalton Jr.8/19/2019
Failed to Leave Information Unattended VehicleAdjudication Withheld; Withhold and Court Costs2018-CT-000576 Orange/Andrew L. Cameron8/19/2019
1)Aggravated Stalking After an Injunction
2-5) Violation of a Domestic Violence Injunction or Foreign Protection Order by Communicating or Contacting
1) Charge Dropped
2-5) Adjudication Withheld
2018-CF-004661-A-O Orange/John E. Jordan8/19/2019
Possession of Cannabis < 20 grams â€ÃƒÂƒÃƒƒÃ‚‚‚“ adj guiltyCase Dropped2018-MM-001738 Osceola/Carol Draper8/19/2019
Possession of 20 grams or less of cannabis- Adj GuiltyNo Action2018-MM-000515 Osceola/Carol Draper8/19/2019
Fraudulent use of personal identification informationCase dropped2016-CF-002508 Osceola/Greg Tynan8/19/2019
Violation of a domestic violence injunction or foreign protection order by communicating or contactingCase dropped2017-MM-009020-A-O Orange/Wilfredo Martinez8/19/2019
1)Traveling to meet a minor for unlawful sexual activity

2) Solicitation of a minor via a computer
3) Resisting officer without violence
1) Charges Dropped
2-3) Adj Guilty
2017-CF-003014 Osceola/Elaine A. Barbour8/19/2019
Violation of ProbationDismissed2017-CF-000745 Lake/Mark J. Hill8/19/2019
Motion for Early Termination of ProbationGranted2017-CT-038915-AXXX-XX Brevard/Thomas J. Brown8/19/2019
Driverâ€ÃƒÂƒÃƒƒÃ‚‚‚™s license not carried or exhibited on demandAdjudicated Guilty; State wanted 15 days jail on driving while license suspended. We got client time to fix her license and got crime reduced to civil ticket, $164.00 fine. Also, we had two other tickets dismissed.2018-CT-002083-A-O Orange/Maureen A. Bell8/19/2019
Possession of Marijuana <20 gramsCharge dropped2018-MM-003383-A Seminole/Frederic Schott8/19/2019
DUI with crash and injuriesClient received minimum DUI penalties2018-MM-003045-A Seminole/Frederic Schott8/19/2019
Driving while license suspended or revokedOur client completed the Deferred Prosecution Program, and the charges were dropped.2018-CT-001288-A Polk/Robert Griffin8/19/2019
Motion to Terminate ProbationGranted2017-CF-015907-A-O Orange/K Shepard8/19/2019
Possession of Cannabis <20 grams and Possession of Drug ParaphernaliaCharges Dropped2017-MM-000234-A-E Orange/Gisela T. Lauren8/19/2019
Possession of Cannabis- 20 grams or less and Possession of Drug ParaphernaliaCharges Dropped2018-mm-00376 Lake/James Baxley8/19/2019
BatteryAdjudication Withheld2016-MM-012959-A-O Orange/Tina L. Caraballo8/19/2019
Driverâ€ÃƒÂƒÃƒƒÃ‚‚‚™s License not carried or exhibited on demandWe reversed two driving while license suspended tickets and got his license back. Also, we got his criminal case reduced to a civil.2017-CT-003344 Osceola/Heather K. Oâ€ÃƒÂƒÃƒƒÃ‚‚‚™Brien8/19/2019
No Valid Driver LicenseClient hired us with no clue how to fix license. We helped him set up payment plans, and got his license. Also, we got the state to come off 60 days jail to no jail with a reduced charge.2018-CT-000055 Osceola/Heather K. Oâ€ÃƒÂƒÃƒƒÃ‚‚‚™Brien8/19/2019
Domestic Battery by Strangulation and Battery-Touch or StrikeAdjudication Withheld and Charge Dropped2018-CF-000781 Osceola/Gregg A. Tynan8/19/2019
Possession of cocaine, possession of not more than 20 grams of cannabis, two counts of use or possession of drug paraphernalia, and driving under the influence with one priorOur client made the mistake of picking up a second DUI and was looking at felony charges. He desperately needed a second chance to turn his life around. The court sentenced him to two years of probation, during which he completed a series of difficult mandatory conditions. Not only did our client complete everything required of him, but he did so in the first half of his probation term. Due to his diligence and commitment to making things right, we convinced the court to terminate his probation an entire year early, commending him for his efforts. Our client, although no longer required to by the court, continues to give back to the community through volunteer work.2017-CF-000265-A Seminole/McIntosh8/19/2019
1) Delivery of Cocaine
2) Possession of Cocaine
1-2) Adjudicated Guilty2017-CF-005871-A-O Orange/Gail A. Adams8/19/2019
Resisting Officer Without ViolenceAdjudication Withheld2018-MM-001589-A-O Orange/Steve Jewett8/19/2019
Possession of Cannabis Over 20 Grams; Possession of ParaphernaliaDismissed; Dismissed2017-CF-000801-A Lake/Don Briggs8/19/2019
BatteryCharges Dropped2018-MM-00311-A-O Orange/Evellen Jewett8/19/2019
Grand TheftDropped and ExpungedState v. 2017-CF-005521-A-O / Orange / John Kest8/16/2019
Battery (Domestic Violence)Dropped and ExpungedState v. 2018-MM-006728-A-O / Orange / Maureen Bell8/13/2019
Battery, KidnapDropped and ExpungedState v. 2018-CF-003079-A-O / Orange / Denise Beamer8/13/2019
Failure of Sex Offender to Properly RegisterNolle Prosequi; Adjudicated GuiltyState v. 2018-CF-010793; 2018-CF-010531 / Polk / Keith Spoto8/12/2019
Petit Theft of $100 or moreNolle prosequi/case droppedState v. 2019-MM-005251-A-O / Orange / Adam McGinnis8/9/2019
Felony Petit TheftAdjudicated guiltyState v. 2019-MM-002264A  /Seminole / Jerri L. Collins8/7/2019
Misdemeanor Domestic ViolenceNo information/no intent to prosecuteState v. 2019-MM-103308 / Volusia / Angela A. Dempsey8/2/2019
Unlawful speed in school zoneWithhold of adjudication/not convictedState v. 2019-TR-008287-A-E / Orange / Tina L. Caraballo
Petit TheftSealedState v. 2014-MM-001947 / Osceola / Hal Epperson7/19/2019
Motion for early term of Probation on battery with a deadly weapon and throwing missile at or into an occupied vehicleProbation terminatedState v. 2016-CF-000693 / Orange / Bob LeBlanc7/19/2019
2 counts of Child Abuse, Tampering with a witness to hinder communication to law enforcement, Battery (Domestic Violence)All charges dismissedState v. 2019-CF-003411-A-O / Orange / Kest7/19/2019
Petition for Extension of InjunctionPetition DeniedPetitioner v. 2018-DR-002448 / Seminole / Chase7/19/2019
2 Counts of Battery, Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor; Violation of ProbationCase Dismissed, probation terminatedState v. 2019-MM-002149; 2009-MM-003063 / Osceola / Epperson7/19/2019
Grand Theft ($300 or more but less than $20,000)Withhold of adjudication, 2 years probation, costsState v. 2019-CF-001162 / Lake / Richard G. Singletary7/19/2019
DUIReduced to reckless driving (alcohol related), withhold of adjudication, 6 months probation, 20 hours DUI classesState v. 2019-MM-004085-A / Seminole / John Woodard III7/19/2019
Battery (Domestic Violence), Criminal Mischief (>$200, <$1000)State filed No Information Notice- all charges droppedState v. 2019-MM-005663-A-O / Orange / Maureen Bell7/19/2019
Driving while license suspendedAdjudicated guilty, $500 fine, court costs, 6 months probation with early term upon payment of fineState v. 2019-CT-002606 / Lake / Cary Rada7/19/2019
Aggravated Assault w/ Firearm, Assault, Possession of Cannabis <20 grams, Possession of Drug ParaphernaliaState filed No Information Notice- all charges droppedState v. 2019-CF-002438 / Osceola / Wayne Wooten7/19/2019
Battery (Domestic Violence)No Information Notice (Charges Dropped)State v. 2019-MM-005171-A-O / Orange / Maureen A. Bell7/19/2019
CR-Disorderly IntoxicationWithheld adjudicationState v. 2019-MM-000763-A-O7/19/2019
Battery (Domestic Violence) and False ImprisonmentNo information Notice (Charges Dropped)State v. 2019-CF-010019-O / Orange / John E Jordan7/19/2019
Petit TheftDropped and ExpungedState v. 2018-MM-000601 / Osceola / Christine Arendas7/19/2019
Poss of Cocaine & Poss of drug ParaphernaliaCase droppedState v. 2018 CF 002944 / Osceola / Greg Tynan7/19/2019
Petit TheftCourt granted dismissalState v. 2019-MM-002879-A-O / Orange / Brian Duckworth7/19/2019
TR-Driving while license susp/rev without KNDismissedState v. 2019-TR-007652-A-E / Orange / Caraballo7/19/2019
Unlawful SpeedWithhold of adjudication, must complete 12 hour advanced driver improvement class, $1,104.00 fine, court costs.State v. 2018-TR-127553-A-O / Orange / Roger J. McDonald7/19/2019
Criminal Mischief with Damage of $1,000 or moreClient successfully completed diversion program. Charges dropped.State v. 2018-CF-002824 / Osceola / Elaine Barbour7/19/2019
Violation of Administrative Code by the Taking of Certain Fish x5; No Saltwater Fishing License Florida ResidentClient pled to 1 count of Violation of Administrative Code by the Taking of Certain Fish, all other charges dropped. Withhold of adjudication, $200 fine. State v. 2019-MM-022534 / Brevard / Thomas J. Brown7/19/2019
Possession of Cannabis <20 gramsClient successfully completed diversion program. Charges dropped.State v. 2018-MM-006324 / Seminole / Brian Welke7/19/2019
Client charged with DUI with BAC over 0.15 and received a ticket for violating a traffic control device.We got the State to stipulate to BAC below 0.15. Client received minimum DUI penalties. Traffic ticket dismissed.State v. 2019-MM-001681 / Seminole / John Woodard7/19/2019
Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon (Domestic Violence)State filed No Bill, charges dropped.State v. 2019-CF-005984 / Polk / Neil A. Roddenberry7/19/2019
3 Charges - possession 20 grams or less of cannabis; Possession of drug paraphernalia; DUIWithhold of adjudication and $100.00 fine; Withhold of adjudication; reduced to dry reckless along with withhold of adjudication and 6 months of probation with 50 hour community service, plus a $250.00 fineState v. 2019-MM-002478 / Orange / Wayne Shoemaker7/19/2019
DUI with property damage/personal injuryWe got the charge amended to dry reckless. Withhold of adjudication, 3 months of probation, 50 hour community service, $250.00 fine.State v. 2019-CT-003968 / Orange / Steve Jewett7/19/2019
Battery Domestic ViolenceWithhold of adjudication, 8 months probation, no hostile contact with victim, battererâ€ÃƒÂƒÃƒƒÃ‚‚‚™s intervention program, and court costs.State v. 2019-MM-001418 / Osceola / Christine Arendas7/19/2019
Operating motor vehicle without valid DL and careless driving ticket.Withhold of adjudication and court costs. Ticket dismissed.State v. 2019-CT-003931 / Osceola / Jeanette D. Bigney7/19/2019
DUI with BAC .204We negotiated with the State and got the ASA to stipulate to BAC below .15. Client received minimum DUI penalties with 3 months SCRAM monitor.State v. 2019-301738-CFDB / Volusia / Raul Zambrano7/19/2019
DUI with BAC .209 and 3 traffic tickets (improper turn, open container, failure to yield)We negotiated with the State and got the ASA to stipulate to BAC below .15. Client received minimum DUI penalties. We got all 3 traffic tickets dismissed.State v. 2019-CT-003460-A-O / Orange / Adam McGinnis7/19/2019
Driving while license revoked as habitual offenderClient had a capias out for failing to appear for court since March 2, 2018. He hired us and two weeks later we got the State to drop his charges without him ever having to come to court or turn himself in on the warrant. State v. 2018-CF-000517-O / Orange / Dan Traver7/19/2019
DUI with BAC .250We negotiated with the State and got the ASA to stipulate to NO BREATH. Client received simple DUI with minimums.State v. 2019-MM-001153-A / Seminole . Mark E. Herr7/19/2019
DUI with crash and BAC .192We negotiated with the State and got the ASA to stipulate to BAC below .192, client received DUI minimums. State v. 2019-CT-004034-A-O / Orange / Andrew Cameron7/19/2019
Battery (Domestic Violence)Nolle ProsequiState v. 2019-MM-005178-A-O / Orange / Maureen A. Bell7/19/2019
Trespass on Property other than Structure or ConveyanceGuiltyState v. 2018-MM-008976-A-O / Orange / Marques7/19/2019
Battery-touch or strike- Domestic ViolenceCharges droppedState v. 2019-MM-005735A / Seminole / Mark E. Herr7/19/2019
Operating motor vehicle w/o valid DLAdjudication WithheldState v. 2019-CT-003180-A-O / Orange / Martha C. Adams7/19/2019
Grand Theft 3rd DegreeNolle ProsequiState v. 2018-CF-007010-A-O / Orange / Thomas Young7/19/2019
Driving while under the InfluenceNolle ProsequiState v. 2017-CT-002519 / Osceola / Carol E. Draper7/19/2019
Driving while License Suspended/Revoked with KnowledgeNolle ProsequiState v. 2018-CT-007771-A-O / Orange / Tina L. Carballo7/19/2019
Careless DrivingDismissedState v. 2019-TR-058285-A-O / Orange / Hearing Officer Jose Paulino7/19/2019
Petit TheftClient completed diversion program and charges were dropped.State v. 2019-MM-001911 / Polk / John Kirkland7/19/2019
DUI; Refusal to give breath, blood or urine test with a prior; Went to trial and jury returned a verdict of Not Guilty.Adjudicated guilty, 10 days jail with 2 days credit time served, 12 months probation, 120 day DL suspension, 50 hours community service.State v. 2019-MM-002257-A / Seminole / Jerri Collins7/19/2019
DUINolle Prosequi â€ÃƒÂƒÃƒƒÃ‚‚‚“ charges droppedState v. 2019-CT-000547-A-E / Orange / Wayne Shoemaker7/19/2019
DUI with Property Damage and Personal InjuryCase consolidated into 2018-CF-008556-A-OState v. 2018-CT-004773-A-O / Orange / Jineatte Bigney7/19/2019
Battery-First Degree MisdemeanorAll charges droppedState v. 2019-MM-004054-A-O / Orange / Brian F. Duckworth7/15/2019
Aggravated Stalking- Credible Threat to Person (Domestic Violence)Case dismissedState v. 2019-CF-001549 / Seminole / Chase6/19/2019
DV BatteryNolle ProsequiState v. 2018-MM-004866A / Seminole / Max Herr6/19/2019
Poss. of drug paraphernaliaAdjudicated GuiltyState v. 2007-MM-013399-A-O / Orange / Wayne Shoemaker6/19/2019
DV Battery by Stangulation, and DV battery (2 counts), Hired for expungementgranted the petition to expungeState v. 2017-CF-004182-A000-XX / Polk / Wayne Durden6/19/2019
Battery (DV), Client hired for ExpungementOrder to exp. granted by theState v. 2018-MM-002336-A-O / Orange / Mureen Bell6/19/2019
Poss. of cannabis w/ intent to sell, poss of cannabis <20grams, and possession of drug paraphernalia Child found guilty - Placed on probationState v. 2018-CJ-000852-A-O / Orange / Timothy Shea6/19/2019
Grand Theft â€ÃƒÂƒÃƒƒÃ‚‚‚“ Motor VehicleNolle ProsequiState v. 2018-CF-006461-A-O / Orange / Gail Adams6/19/2019
Petit TheftNolle ProsequiState v. 2018-MM-034320-A / Brevard / Kelly Ingram6/19/2019
Petit theft of 100 or moreNolle ProsequiState v. 2018-MM-003838-A-O / Orange /Wayne Shoemaker6/19/2019
PTD reject- possession of cannabis <20grams; paraphernaliaNolle ProsequiState v. 2017-MM-000691-A-E / Orange / Wayne Shoemaker6/19/2019
Petit Theft; Hired Firm to Seal Recordsgranted SealingState v. 2017-MM-009843-A-O / Orange / Adam McGinnis6/19/2019
Battery (dating violence), Kidnapping/False imprisonment (dating violence); Hired for Expungementgranted ExpungementState v. 2018-CF-002098A / Seminole / John D. Galluzzo6/19/2019
Grand Theft, resisting without violence Adjudication WithheldState v. 2019-MM-001457 / Osceola / Stefania Jancewicz6/19/2019
Possession of controlled substance, poss. of cannabis <20 grams, & poss. of drug paraphernalia. Hired for sealing granted petition to sealState v. 2016-CF-000796A / Seminole / Jessica Reckseidler6/19/2019
Poss. Of Cannabis under 20 gramsAdjudication WithheldState v. 2019-MM-000356-A-W / Orange / Andrew L. Cameron6/19/2019
Assault, Criminal Mischief <=$200Adjudication Withheld, Nolle Prosequi State v. 2019-CJ-000673-A-O / Orange / Robert J. Egan6/19/2019
Petit Theft of $100 or moreAdjudicated GuiltyState v. 2019-MM-001348-A-O / Orange / Martha C. Adams6/19/2019
Petit Theft, Hired for ExpungementPetition to Expunge GrantedState v. 2017-MM-001452-A-O / Orange / Andrew L. Cameron6/19/2019
VOP Driving While SuspendedTerminate Probation/ Credit for 2 days served prior to our representationState v. 2019-CT-001369 / Osceola / Stefania Jancewicz6/19/2019
Driving While Suspended2 days served prior to our representationState v. 2019-CT-001369 / Osceola / Stefania Jancewicz6/19/2019
Driving Under the Influence12 mos prob, Level 1 DUI School, VAP, 6 Mo Dl Susp, $1,000 fine, 75 Hour CSState v. 2018- CT-002969 / Osceola / Stefania Jancewicz6/19/2019
Unlawful SpeedDismissedState v. 2019-TR-004362-A-O / Lake / Terry T. Neal6/19/2019
Driving Under the InfluenceNolle Prosequi; Clients second Dui. On day if trial, We got State to drop charges!State v. 2019-Ct-003273-A-0 / Orange / Martha Adams6/19/2019
Driving Vehicle in Unsafe ConditionWithheld AdjState v. 2019-TR-014561 / Osceola / Melisa D. Munroe6/19/2019
False Imprisonment; Domestic BatteryCharges DroppedState v. 2019-CF-007598-A-O / Orange / Gail A. Adams6/19/2019
Reckless Driving Alcohol RelatedAdjudication WithheldState v. 2018-MM-009873-A / Seminole / Krause, Debra L.6/19/2019
Unlawful Speed; InterstateWithhold of AdjudicationState v. 2019-TR-010634-A-W / Orange / David P. Johnson6/19/2019
DUIThis was clientâ€ÃƒÂƒÃƒƒÃ‚‚‚™s 2nd DUI. We got him 1st time DUI Minimums after filing a Motion to Suppress Stop and Subsequent DUI Investigation.State v. 2018-CT-002506 / Orange / Andrew Cameron6/19/2019
Petit TheftWithhold of adjudication, court costs, 30 hours community service, restitution.State v. 2018-MM-057465 / Brevard / Kelly Ingram6/19/2019
Treat Any Animal in a Neglectful MannerDefendant paid citation prior to hiring us but case was never closed. She lives in New York. We closed the case for her. Case satisfied.State v. 2019-CO-000331 / Orange / W. Michael Miller6/19/2019
DUI with property damage/injury; DUI with BAL over .15Client was not supposed to qualify for the 1st Time Offender DUI Program because there was a crash. We got the State to make an exception. DUI reduced to reckless driving, withhold of adjudication, 9 months of probation. State v. 2018-CT-037188 / Brevard / David Koenig6/19/2019
Level 4 Code of Conduct Violation for Threat to Kill StudentLevel 4 Violation verified. The schoolâ€ÃƒÂƒÃƒƒÃ‚‚‚™s decision to remove him was upheld at appeal.In Re Orange School Expulsion / Orange Public Schools6/19/2019
Level 4 Code of Conduct Violation â€ÃƒÂƒÃƒƒÃ‚‚‚“ Threats to Person: Student accused of pretending to shoot his classmates with his cellLevel 4 Code of Conduct ViolationIn Re Orange School Expulsion / Orange Public Schools6/19/2019
Organized Fraud under $20,000Reduced to lesser included offense of Grand Theft, withhold of adjudication, 60 months probation, drug testing, court costs, cost of prosecution, cost of investigation, restitutionState v. 2017-CF-002429 / Seminole / Melissa Souto6/19/2019
Possession of less than 20 grams of cannabisCompleted diversion program and charges dropped (State filed No information notice)State v. 2018-MM-002715 / Lake / Brian Welke6/19/2019
Possession of more than 20 grams of cannabisWithhold of adjudication, 18 months probation, 100 hours community service (may buy out), TASC Eval, court costs.State v. 2018-CF-004081 / Seminole / Melanie Chase6/19/2019
Possession of Cannabis less than 20 gramsAdjudication Withheld with additional court costs and finesState v. 2018-MM-010443-A / Seminole / Frederic Schott6/19/2019
Unlawful SpeedTicket dismissedState v. 2019-TR-012440 / Orange / David P. Johnson6/19/2019
Careless drivingTicket dismissedState v. AB0F6PE / Seminole / Hearing Officer Charles J. Cino6/19/2019
Disorderly IntoxicationAdjudicated guilty, 2 days credit time served, court costs State v. 2019-MM-003208A / Seminole / Jerri Collins6/19/2019
Ct 1. Use or Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Ct 2. Possession of <20 Grams of Cannabis6 months probation, Ct. 1 adjudicated guilty, Ct 2. Withhold of adjudicationState v. 2019-MM-003829A / Seminole / Jerri Collins6/19/2019
Taking Wild Turkey within 100 Yards of Feeding Station or BaitCharges dropped - Nolle ProsequiState v. 2019-MM-002610 / Orange / Arraignment Division A6/19/2019
DUI with Alcohol Level of .15 or Higher (Client blew .217!!!!!!)Reduced to Reckless Driving, 9 months probation, 50 hours of community service, NO DL suspensionState v. 2019-MM-001112A / Seminole / Jerri Collins6/19/2019
Client hired for Violation of ProbationViolation of Probation was admitted; probation was terminated/revoked, a $250 fine, 330 days in Orange Jail with 143 days as credited time served.  State v. 2016-CF-007443-A-O / Orange/ Keith White6/19/2019
Possession of Cannabis not more than 20 grams; Possession of ParaphernaliaAll charges dropped (Nolle Prosequi)State v. 2018-105021-MMDL / Volusia / Angela Dempsey6/19/2019
Offer to commit Prostitution/LewdnessAdjudication Withheld- 6 months probation and a completion of 90 day STD with HIV courseState v. 2018-MM-011355 / Polk / Robert Griffin6/19/2019
DUIReduced to reckless, WH, 6 months probationState v. 2019-MM-000739-A / Seminole / Debra Krause6/19/2019
DUI; Leaving the Scene of a CrashReduced to reckless, wh, 9mo probation, no DL suspensionState v. 2019-MM-001367A / Seminole / Debra Krause6/19/2019
Agg Assault w/ Deadly Weapon; Child Abuse; BatteryNolle ProsequiState v. 2019-CF-002096-A-O / Orange / Gail. A Adams6/19/2019
Violation of Probation; Possession of 20 grams or less of Cannabis and Possession of Drug ParaphernaliaAdjudicated Guilty; Adjudication WithheldState v. 2015-CF-001606; 2019-MM-003113 / Orange / Gail A Adams; Wayne J. Shoemaker6/19/2019
Possession of Cannabis/marijuana not more than 20 grams, use or possession of drug paraphernaliaNolle prosequi/charge droppedState v. 2018-MM-009760 / Polk / Sharon M. Franklin6/17/2019
Possession of cannabis with the intent to sell/deliver, Possession of Harmful new Legend drug w/o prescription, Use or Possession of Drug Paraphernalia; Possession of Alprazolam without the intent to sell or deliver, use or possession of drug paraphernalia Adjudicated Guilty on all counts State v. 2018-CF-005180; 2018-CF-002021 / Polk / Mark Carpanini
Battery Domestic Violence, Resisting Officer Obstruct without Violence, and Disorderly IntoxicationDisposed by ProsecutorState v. 2019-MM-021267-AXXX / Brevard / David C. Koenig5/23/2019
Petit TheftDropped and ExpungedState v. 2017-MM-000932-A-W / Orange / Andrew Cameron5/19/2019
Robbery with a Firearm, Aggravated Battery with a Deadly Weapon, Grand Theft 3rd DegreeAll charges droppedState v. 2019-CF-001272 / Osceola / Morgan5/19/2019
Trespass on Property after warning ; Hired to Expunge recordOrder to Expunge grantedState v. 2018-MM-003668-A-O / Orange / Wayne Shoemaker5/19/2019
DUI, Hired for ExpungementOrder to Expunge GrantedState v. 2016-CT-002926 / Orange / Tina Caraballo5/19/2019
Traffic Ticket â€ÃƒÂƒÃƒƒÃ‚‚‚“ Careless DrivingInfraction DismissedState v. 2019-TR-044328-A-O / Orange / Jerry Brewer5/19/2019
Grand Theft and Contributing to the Delinquency of a minor, Hired to Seal Recordgranted petition to SealState v. 2004-CF-016305-A-O / Orange / Jenifer Harris5/19/2019
Poss. of <20g of cannabis,Hired for ExpungementPetition to Expunge was grantedState v. 2015-MM-007075A / Seminole / Frederic Schott5/19/2019
Driving while License Sus/revoked w/ knowledgeDismissedState v. 2019-CT-000776-A-O / Orange / Andrew L. Cameron5/19/2019
Theft of State Funds and Violation of Probation; Hired for Sealing RecordsGranted SealingState v. 2013-CF-017173-A-O / Orange / Jenifer Harris5/19/2019
Poss. Under 20 grams, driving while license suspended or revoked, no proof of insuranceNolle Prosequi and Traffic cases were dismissedState v. 2019-MM-003346A / Seminole / Debra L. Krause5/19/2019
Driving While SuspendedAdjudication WithholdState v. 2014-TR-033621-A-O / Orange / 98 Hearing Officer5/19/2019
Felony Driving While License Suspended, TR- Cert of Registration PossessFelony Case dropped, Traffic Citation dropped, Un-HabitualizedState v.2019-TR-017867-A-O, 2015-TR-153891-A-O / Orange / Roger McDonald5/19/2019
Violation of Wildlife Management Area Regulations: General Wildlife Management Area RegulationsNolle Prosequi (charge dropped)State v. 2019-MM-300098 / Volusia / David Foxman5/19/2019
Client hired for school expulsion (Level 4)Level 4 verified with 1 year at alternate school. Additionally, they made an exception for our client to take final exams and Advanced Placement exams.In Re Expulsion / Orange5/19/2019
Leaving the scene With Out Giving Information > $50 DamageAdjudication Withheld with additional court costsState v. 2019-CT-002953-A-O / Orange / Brian Duckworth5/19/2019
Driving Under the Influence CarAdjudicated Guilty with 12 months supervised probation, a $500 fine, a level 1 DUI school, VAP, 50 hours of community service, a 10-day impound, and 6 months Driverâ€ÃƒÂƒÃƒƒÃ‚‚‚™s License suspension.State v. 2018-CT-010085-A-O / Orange / David P. Johnson5/19/2019
Driving Under the Influence- First Degree MisdemeanorTransferred over to 2018-CF-004272-A-OState v. 2018-CT-000629-A-W / Orange / Tina Caraballo5/19/2019
Failure to Drive in Single LaneDismissedState v. 2018-TR-008868 / Orange / Tina Caraballo5/19/2019
Insurance required proof of PIP and PDLDismissedState v. 2018-TR-008870-A-W / Orange / Tina Caraballo5/19/2019
Cert of Registration Possession RequiredDismissedState v. 2018-TR-008869-A-W / Orange / Tina Caraballo5/19/2019
2nd DUI w/ a crash12 mo. Probation, no jail, 50 hours community service, DUI classesState v. 2019-CT-000359 / Osceola / Christine Arendas5/19/2019
False Imprisonment; BatteryCharges DroppedState v. 2019-CF-006338-O / Orange / Jenifer Harris5/19/2019
Soliciting for Prostitution or LewdnessAdjudicated GuiltyState v. 2018-mm-004740 / Lake / Brian Welke5/19/2019
Neglect of a ChildAdjudication WithheldState v. 2019-CF-000102-A-O / Orange / Gail A. Adams5/19/2019
Temporary InjunctionDismissal of Temporary InjunctionPetitioner v. 2019-DR-007022-0 / Orange / Blackwell5/19/2019
Attempted Lewd Battery; Aggravated Assault on Law Enforcement Off; Resisting w ViolenceGuiltyState v. 2018-CF-002304 / Lake / Don L. Briggs5/19/2019
Grand Theft by FraudConsolidated with case 2018-CF-009298State v. 2018-CF-009299-A-O / Orange / Jenifer Harris5/19/2019
Possession of AlprazolamCompleted Diversion Program/No Petition NoticeState v. 48-2018-CJ-003573 / Orange / Non Assigned5/19/2019
BatteryNo Information Notice/Case DroppedState v. 48-2019-MM-002909-O / Orange / Martha Adams5/19/2019
Aggravated Batter on a Pregnant Person; Battery by Strangulation-Domestic; Tampering w/witness to Hinder Comm to LEOCase DismissedState v. 48-2018-CF-016915-O / Orange / Gail A. Adams5/19/2019
Petit TheftCase droppedState v. 2018-MM-000625-A / Seminole / Jerri Collins5/19/2019
Violation of a condition of probation; Failure to register email addressProbation modified and reinstated; charge droppedState v. 2013-CF-004409; 2019-CF-000416 / Osceola / Wayne Wooten5/19/2019
Improper change of laneDismissedState v. 2019-TR-004083-A-E / Orange / Brian Duckworth5/19/2019
Student accused of two Level 4 Offenses: Threats to a School and Sexual HarassmentLevel 4 verified but student allowed to stay in schoolExpulsion Hearing / Orange5/19/2019
Petit TheftCompleted Pretrial Diversion and all charges droppedState v. 2017-MM-010912 / Orange / Tina Caraballo5/19/2019
Resisting Officer Without Violence; Disorderly Conduct; Resisting Officer Without ViolenceAdjudication Withheld- with additional court costs and fees; Dismissed; Charge DroppedState v. 2019-MM-303104 / Orange / Brian Duckworth5/19/2019
Burglary of conveyance with assault/battery therein; Battery domestic violence; Petit theftClient was facing life felony. ALL charges dropped (No information notice)State v. 2019-CF-004532 / Orange / John E. Jordan5/19/2019
Domestic Violence BatteryCharges dropped state filed no information noticeState v. 2019-MM-002740 / Orange / Maureen A. Bell5/19/2019
Battery resulting in a broken noseWithhold of adjudication, court costs, cost of prosecutionState v. 2017-MM-007631 / Orange / David P. Johnson5/19/2019
Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon; Tampering with Witness to Hinder Communication to Law Enforcement Officer; Grand Theft 3rd Degree; Battery Domestic ViolenceAll charges droppedState v. 2019-CF-003891-A-O / Orange / Wilfredo Martinez5/19/2019
Client hired for early termination of probation MotionMotion GrantedState v. 2015-CF-014002-A-O / Orange / Denise Beamer5/19/2019
Possession of Cannabis <20 gramsPleaState v. 2018-MM-004927-A-O / Orange / David Johnson5/19/2019
Aggravated Stalking After an InjunctionNot a convicted felonState v. 2018-CF-015898-A-O / Orange Gail A. Adams5/19/2019
Aggravated Battery (Great Bodily Harm); Robbery; Grand Theft 3rd DegreeCharge was reduced from Aggravated Battery to a Misdemeanor Battery (Adjudication Withheld). Our client recieved 18 months juvenile probation ( but qualifies for early termination after 9 months), 30 hours of community service and mandatory apology letter written to the victim. They are also required to pay restitution for medical bills, has a 6pm curfew, must enroll in anger management class, and a payment for court costs and other fines; Nolle Prosequi (charge dropped); Nolle Prosequi (charge dropped)2019-CJ-000509 / Orange / Robert Egan5/19/2019
Aggravated Battery (Great Bodily Harm); Robbery; Grand Theft 3rd DegreeClient pled to this charge and Adjudication is Withheld. Client has 18 months juvenile probation ( but qualifies for early termination after 9 months), 30 hours of community service and mandatory apology letter written to the victim. They are also required to pay restitution for medical bills, has a 6pm curfew, must enroll in anger management class, and a payment for court costs and other fines; Nolle Prosequi (charge dropped); Nolle Prosequi (charge dropped)2019-CJ-000509 / Orange / Robert Egan5/19/2019
Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon; Aggravated Assault with a Deadly WeaponClient pled to this charged and Adjudication was withheld. They also received 36 months of supervised probation, No weapons or firearms, no contact with victims, no return to the scene; Nolle prosequi (Charged Dropped)2018-CF-013573-A-O / Orange / Dan Traver5/19/2019
Red light camera ticketWithhold of adjudication, $158.00 fine, $33.00 court costsState v. 2019-TR-001220-A-E / Orange / Andrew Cameron5/19/2019
Carrying a concealed firearmWithhold of adjudication, 12 months probation with option to early term halfway through, 50 hours of community service (can buy out half the hours)State v. 2018-CF-014908-A-O / Orange / Elaine Barbour5/19/2019
Possession of Hash Oil; Possession of Cannabis-20 Grams or Less3 years of probation; 10 days of jail time and 6 months of probationState v. 2019-CF-00613; 2019-MM-000749 / Lake / Mark J. Hill; Cary F. Rada5/6/2019
Soliciting for prostitution for hire lewdness or assignationRefer to pre-trial diversionState v. 2018MM007430A / Seminole / John Woodard III4/29/2019
Grand TheftExpungedState v. 2004-009721-CF-10A / Broward / Michael Lynch4/19/2019
Prostitution (live off earnings), Keep House III fame; Hired for ExpungementPetition to Expunge grantedState v. 2014-MM-001412,State v. 2014-CF-001168 / Osceola / Christine Arendas4/19/2019
Client hired for level 4 expulsionThis was our clientâ€ÃƒÂƒÃƒƒÃ‚‚‚™s second level 4 offense but Rachel convinced them not to expel him and allowed him back in school with drug counseling.In Re School Expulsion / Orange4/19/2019
Level 4 Code of Conduct Violation â€ÃƒÂƒÃƒƒÃ‚‚‚“ Other: Student accused of using a tack to cut himself and wipe blood on other studentsDecision reduced from 180 days at secondary school to 90 daysIn Re Orange School Expulsion / Orange Public Schools4/19/2019
Level 4 Code of Conduct Violation for Drug Possession (student had vape pen with THC oil at school)Student not expelled. Student allowed to return to school. Must complete counseling.In Re Orange School Expulsion / Orange Public Schools4/19/2019
Student accused of level 4 code of conduct violationReduced to level 3 violation, child allowed to go back to school In Re Orange School Expulsion / Orange4/19/2019
Attempting to Take Wild Turkey within 100 Yards of Feeding Station or BaitCharges dropped - No Information NoticeState v. 2019-MM-002210 / Orange / Jeanette D. Bigney4/19/2019
Possession of more than 20 grams of Cannabis â€ÃƒÂƒÃƒƒÃ‚‚‚“ third Degree Felony; Possession of drug Paraphernalia â€ÃƒÂƒÃƒƒÃ‚‚‚“ First Degree Misdemeanor; Driving Under the Influence- First Degree Misdemeanor; Possession of drug Paraphernalia â€ÃƒÂƒÃƒƒÃ‚‚‚“ First Degree Misdemeanor; Possession of drug Paraphernaliaâ€ÃƒÂƒÃƒƒÃ‚‚‚“ First Degree Misdemeanor; Possession of drug Paraphernaliaâ€ÃƒÂƒÃƒƒÃ‚‚‚“ First Degree MisdemeanorCharges 1- 3, Adjudication is Withheld and DUI was reduced to reckless driving ; Charges 4- 6 Charges DroppedState v. 2018-CF-004272-A-O / Orange / Bob Leblanc4/19/2019
DUI w/ Prop Damage2nd DUI w/prop damage. Reduced to 1st time simple DUI, no community service only probation, classes, and fines.State v. 2018-CT-009950-A-O / Orange / Martha C. Adams4/19/2019
DUI;Attaching tag not assigned;no registrationDUI-minimum penalties, Attaching tag not assigned- reduced to civil, no registration- reduced to civilState v. 2018-CT-006205 / Lake/ Brian Welke4/19/2019
Driving Under the Influence; Resisting ArrestResisting- Dropped, DUI- blew .216, reduced to reckless driving, 9 mos. probation, interlock device, 6 months suspension DLState v. 2018-CT-009738-A-O / Orange / Wayne J. Shoemaker4/19/2019
Battery first degreeNo information notice, all charges droppedState v. 2019-MM-002715-A-O / Orange / Tina Caraballo4/19/2019
Grand Theft Third; Scheme to DefraudNolle Prosequi (Charges Dropped)State v. 2018-CF-009298 / Orange / John Marshall Kest4/19/2019
Battery Touch or StrikeNo Information (Dismissed)State v. 2019-MM-00104 / Osceola / Hall Epperson4/19/2019
Grand TheftCharges DroppedState v. 2018-CF-001754A / Seminole / John Galluzzo4/19/2019
Carrying concealed weapon unlicensed Electric Weapon or Device; Driving While License suspended; Improper or Unsafe 乐福彩票网 (Infraction); Possession of Marijuana less than 20 grams; Unlawful Speed (Traffic Infraction)Client pled to charge and received $213 in court costs and has to complete 30 hours of community service; Nolle Prosequi ( Charge Dropped); Dismissed without Reason (Charge Dropped); No action (Charge Dropped); Dismissed without reason (Charge Dropped)State v. 2019-MM-000484-A / Seminole / John Woodard III4/19/2019
Driving under the influence with unlawful BLD Alcohol balance of . 15 or Higher accompanied by personClient pled to amended simple DUI charge and received 12 months probation, a $500 fine, 6 months drivers license suspension, level 1 DUI school, VAP, a 10 day impound, court costs, and 50 hours of community service which client has option to buy out.State v. 2019-MM-000477-A / Seminole / Frederic Schott4/19/2019
Selling Tobacco/Cigarettes to a Minor- Second Degree MisdemeanorNolle Prosequi (dismissed)State v. 2018-MM-005727-A-O / Orange / Andrew Cameron4/19/2019
Obscene Communication, Child exploitation, and Travel to meet a MinorClient plead to charge (Unlawful travel to meet a Minor) and was adjudicated guilty. Facing a maximum sentence of 15 years, our client pled to this charge and received only 21 months and 5 days.State v. 2017-CF-003788-A / Orange / Jessica Recksiedler4/19/2019
Client hired for early termination of probation motionMotion deniedState v. 2013-CF-014887 / Orange / Denise Beamer4/19/2019
Solicit Another to Commit a Lewd ActAdjudication Withheld- 1 year probation, has to complete 100 hours of community service within 10 months, and complete human trafficking course within 90 days.State v. 2018-MM-11480 / Polk / Robert Griffin4/19/2019
Client hired for Violation of ProbationAdmitted to VOP with Credited time served2016-CF-000601 / Osceola / Wayne Wooten4/19/2019
Client Hired for Violation of ProbationAdmitted to VOP2016-CF-003014 / Osceola / Wayne Wooten4/19/2019
Client hired for Injunction filed against themMotion for extension of injunction GrantedPetitioner v. 2019-DR-001601-O / Orange / Alice Blackwell4/19/2019
Robbery (Sudden Snatching); BatteryCharge Dropped; Adjudication Withheld- Client pled to charge and received 1 year probation, has to enroll in an anger management class and $500 in court costs.State v. 2018-CF-016811-O / Orange / Elaine Barbour4/19/2019
Possession of Controlled Substance (vape pen); Possession of Drug ParaphernaliaAdjudication withheld, State was seeking 24 months of probation and 50 hours community service. We convinced state to reduce offer to 12 months probation and 0 community service; Charge dropped nolle prosequiState v. 2018-CF-016889 / Orange / Keith F. White4/19/2019
Possession of Cannabis less than 20 grams; Contributing to Delinquency or Dependency of a Minor; Failure to Appear at ArraignmentClient pled to amended Possession of Drug Paraphernalia and received a $100 fine with additional court costs. DismissedState v. 2018-MM-035092 / Brevard / Rhonda Babb4/19/2019
Battery on a Law Enforcement OfficerAdjudication Withheld- client pled to this charge and received 24 months of probation, has to enroll in a Batterers Intervention Program, HIV testing, cannot drink alcohol, and additional court costs and fines.State v. 2018-CF-013720-A-O / Orange / Bob LeBlanc4/19/2019
Client hired for Violation of ProbationThey admitted to VOP charges and received 90 days in Orange Jail with 33 days as credited time served plus additional court costs and fines. Probation was terminated.State v. 2018-CF-000658 / Osceola / Greg Tynan4/19/2019
Possession of Cannabis <20; Possession of Drug ParaphernaliaCDP/Nolle ProsequiState v. 49-2018-MM-000220 / Osceola / Janewicz4/19/2019
Client hired for representation on an injunction filed against themInjunction deniedPetitioner v. 2019-DR-001205-H-V / Osceola / Heather Rodriguez4/19/2019
Client hired for motion to terminate probation earlyMotion Granted2018-CF-010909-A / Orange / John Marshall Kest4/19/2019
Battery First Degree MisdemeanorNolle Prosequi (Charge Dropped)2018-MM-009086-A / Orange / Mark Herr4/19/2019
Child Abuse Third Degree FelonyNo Information Filed (Charge Dropped)State v. 2019-CF-003542-A-O / Orange / Dan Traver4/19/2019
Client hired for motion to terminate probation earlyMotion Granted2018-CF-000052 / Osceola / Jon B. Morgan4/19/2019
Burglary of a Conveyance with Assault/Battery; Aggravated BatteryAll charges dismissed (No information Notice filed)2019-CF-3574 / Orange / Elaine Barbour4/19/2019
Possession of Drug ParaphernaliaCharge Dropped (Nolle Prosequi)2018-MM-008962-A-O / Orange / Martha Adams4/19/2019
Battery First Degree MisdemeanorCharge Dropped (Nolle Prosequi)2019-MM-000468-A-O / Orange / Brian F. Duckworth4/19/2019
Client hired for Motion to modify sentence to withhold of adjudication or in the alternative, motion to withdraw plea and re enter plea to seek withholdMotion Denied2013-TR-012019-A-W / Orange / Hearing Officer 954/19/2019
Possession of Heroin; Possession of Controlled Substance; Possession of Drug ParaphernaliaAfter successful completion of a Pre Trial Diversion program all charges were dropped.State v. 2018-CF-01470-A-O / Orange / John E. Jordan4/19/2019
Battery on a Law Enforcement OfficerAfter successful completion of a Pre-Trial Diversion program charge was droppedState v. 2018-CF-001465-A-O / Orange / John Kest4/19/2019
Carrying concealed firearmWithhold of adjudication, 24 months probation, forfeit firearm, 100 hours community serviceState v. 2018-CF-012285 / Orange / John E. Jordan4/19/2019
Aggravated assault with a deadly weaponAdjudication withheld, 3 years probation, 30 days orange jail as a condition of probation, mental health evaluation and treatment, anger management classState v. 2018-CF-013255 / Orange / Elaine Barbour4/19/2019
Accused of Traveling to Meet a Minor in Two Jurisdictions, facing 30 years and designated as a Sexual PredatorWe were able to negotiate a concurrent resolution for this client and avoid a sexual predator designation.State v. 2017-CF-003788 and State v. 2018-CF-009308 / Seminole and Polk4/19/2019
BatteryClient maintained his innocence and asserted he was defending himself, a motion to dismiss under Floridas Stand Your Ground law was filed on clients behalf and hearing scheduled. Prior to hearing the government dismissed all charges.State v. 2019-MM-000468-A-O / Orange4/19/2019
Possession of a Controlled Substance and Drug ParaphernaliaA conviction would mean not only loss of driving privileges, but branded as a felon. After successful litigation, the government dismissed all charges. State v. 2018-CF-003801 / Osceola4/19/2019
Burglary of Conveyance with Battery and Aggravated BatteryClient was facing a potential life sentence. All charges were dismissed, client avoids being a convicted felon as well as loss of liberty. State v. 2019-CF-003574-A-O / Orange4/19/2019
Child AbuseClient hired to defend against allegation of child abuse. Client maintained her innocence and cooperated with law enforcement. Through successful communications with family services, the government dismissed the case, client maintains her clean record and reunited with her family. State v. 2019-CF-003542-A-O / Orange4/19/2019
Grand theft Third DegreePlea was reduced from grand theft third degree to petit theft of $100 or more; adjudication withheldState v. 2018-CF-004222 / Osceola / Wayne Wooten4/19/2019
BatteryCharges DroppedState v. 2018-CJ-003535-A-O / Orange / Timothy Shea4/19/2019
Neglect of a Child; Battery on Law Enforcement Officer; Resisting Officer With Violence; Dui While Accompanied by a Minor; Resisting Officer Without Violence.Adjudication Withheld and 1 year community control; Nolle Prosequi (charge dropped); Adjudication Withheld , 1 year community control, and 3 years probation; Adjudicated Guilty with 1 year probation, 100 hours of community service, 10 days vehicular impound, 1 year license suspension, $1,000 fine and 6 months ignition interlock; No Action taken (charge dropped)2018-CF-008556-A-O / Orange / Jenifer Harris4/19/2019
Traffic Infraction- Failure to yield oncoming traffic when making left turnDismissedState v. 2016-TR-133852-A-O / Orange / : As Assigned 554/19/2019
Battery Domestic ViolenceNo Information Notice (charge dropped)State v. 2019-MM-002317-O / Orange / Maureen Bell4/19/2019
Dui with Property Damage/Personal Injury- First Degree MisdemeanorClient Pled to charge; adjudicated guilty with 1 year probation and no jail time (minimum sanctions imposed)State v. 2018-CT-009929-A-O / Orange / Martha Adams4/19/2019
Driving Under the Influence- first degree misdemeanorNolle Prosequi (Charge Dropped)State v. 2018-CT-009930-A-0 / Orange / Martha Adams4/19/2019
Traffic Citation Unlawful SpeedDismissedState v. 2019-TR-013174-A-O / Orange / : As Assigned 554/19/2019
Tampering with witness to hinder comm. to leo, robbery, grand theft 3rd degree, and battery (dating violence)Charges droppedState v. 2019-CF-004020 / Orange / Gail A. Adams4/19/2019
Possession of 20 grams CannabisDisposition: charges droppedState v. 2018-MM-003005-A-O / Orange / Steve R. Jewett4/19/2019
Possession of Heroin; Possession of Drug ParaphernaliaAll charges dropped (Nolle Prosequi)2018-CF-003801 / Osceola / John B. Morgan4/19/2019
Third degree Felony Moving Traffic Violation Driving While License Suspended Habitual OffenderClient pled to lesser charge (2nd Degree Misdemeanor- No valid Drivers License) and received a total fine of $213.2018-MM-005701-A / Seminole / John Woodard4/19/2019
Reckless Driving (Reduced from DUI)Complete Victim Awareness Program and DUICAS, Credit for 23 days served, adjudicated guilty as to underlying charge, and revoke and terminate probationState v. 2019-CT-009771-A-O / Orange / Wayne J. Shoemaker3/26/2019
Robbery with Firearm, Second Degree Murder â€ÃƒÂƒÃƒƒÃ‚‚‚“ Punishable by LifeAdjudicated Guilty â€ÃƒÂƒÃƒƒÃ‚‚‚“ Term of 20 years in the Florida Department of Corrections with credit for time servedState v. 2018-CF-001864-A-O / Orange / Harris3/19/2019
Petit Theft, Hired for ExpungementGranted Petition to ExpungeState v. 2015-MM-002064 / Osceola / Hal C. Epperson3/19/2019
Travel to meet after using computer to lure child; Attempt Lewd/ Lascivious Battery: Engage in Sexual Activity (Victim 12-16 years); Unlawful use 2-Way Communication DeviceAdjudicated Guilty and sentenced to 7 years in prison and 5 years probation. Nolle Prosequi (Charge Dropped)State v. 2018-CF-009308 / Polk / Kevin Abdoney3/19/2019
Failure to yield when entering intersectionAdjudication Withheld- 4 hours of driving school and $166 fine.State v. AAXCZ7E / Seminole / Debra Krause3/19/2019
Battery Domestic ViolenceCase transferred from Misdemeanor case to a Circuit court with felony charge (2019-CF-003891-A-O)State v. 2018-MM-003126-A-O / Orange / Maureen bell3/19/2019
No Valid Drivers LicenseADJ GuiltyState v. Littles, Matthew / Osceola / Arendas, Christine E.3/19/2019
BatteryNolle Prosequi (Charge Dropped)State v. 2018-CJ-003563 / Orange / Timothy R. Shea3/19/2019
Battery Domestic ViolenceNo information notice filed (case dropped)State v. 2019-MM-001476-A-O / Orange / Maureen Bell3/19/2019
Client hired for Motion to modify sentence to withhold of adjudication or in the alternative, motion to withdraw plea and re enter plea to seek withholdMotion Denied2017-TR- 042826 / Osceola / Hearing Officer3/19/2019
Client hired for Motion to modify sentence to withhold of adjudication or in the alternative, motion to withdraw plea and re enter plea to seek withholdMotion Denied2015-TR-038761 / Osceola / Doug McKnight3/19/2019
Possession of drug hydromorphone (Dilaudid) Schedule II; Resisting Officer Obstruction Without Violence; Possession or use of Drug 乐福彩票网Adjudication Withheld- 18 months probation with $368 in court costs and fines; Nolle Prosequi (Charge Dropped); No Action (Charge Dropped)State v. 2018-CF-003999-A / Seminole / Melissa Souto3/19/2019
Traffic Violation- Failure to drive in a single laneDismissed2019-TR-002932 / Polk / John Kirkland3/19/2019
Traffic Violation- Failure to us special hazard lights$164 fine with no added points on record (Adjudication Withheld)2019-TR-002931 / Polk / John Kirkland3/19/2019
Damage and Injury Reckless Driving Causing Property and Damage/Personal InjuryClient pled to this lesser charge and Adjudication was withheld. They received 6 months probation, 30 hours community service, and a four hour driving class with additional court costs and fines.2018-CT-009494 / Polk / John Kirkland3/19/2019
Possession of Cannabis/Marijuana not more than 20 grams; Use or Possession of Drug ParaphernaliaNolle Prosequi (Charge Dropped) for Both2018-MM-011857 / Polk / John Kirkland3/19/2019
Battery Touch or Strike; Battery Touch or StrikeFor both counts client pled and adjudication was withheld. They also received 6 months of probation, 25 hours of accredited community service and additional court costs.2018-MM-002625 / Osceola / Stefania Jancewicz3/19/2019
Client hired for a motion to travelMotion was granted2018-CF-013919-A-O / Orange / John Jordan3/19/2019
Felony Battery (Great Bodily Harm, Permanent Disability, or Permanent Disfigurement)- Third Degree FelonyFacing a maximum sentence of 5 years in prison, our client pled to this charge. Adjudication was withheld and they received 4 years and 10 months of probation, 60 days in the Orange Jail, and additional court cost and fees.2019-CF-000880-A-O / Orange / Dam Traver3/19/2019
Possession of Marijuana less than 20 grams; Violation of Traffic Control Device- Traffic Infraction; Possession and/or use of Drug 乐福彩票网Adjudication is withheld; client pled to this charge and received $353 total in court costs and fines; Dismissed; No Action (Charge Dropped)State v. 2018-MM-010019 / Seminole / Jerri Collins3/19/2019
Original charge was for a DUI but was amended to a Reckless Driving Alcohol Related Second Degree MisdemeanorClient pled to this lesser charge and received 1 year supervised probation, a $500 fine, Level 1 DUI School, $43.16 in court costs, and 50 hours of community service.State v 2018-CT-002571-A-W / Orange / Brian Duckworth3/19/2019
Domestic Violence- Simple AssaultCharges Dropped!State v. 2019-MM-001828-A / Seminole / John Woodard III3/19/2019
Battery (Domestic Violence)Charges Dropped!State v. 2019-MM-001538-A-O / Orange / Maureen A. Bell3/19/2019
Failure to report information to injured personAdjudication withheld; ordered to pay fine and court costs totaling $147State v. 2019-CT-000401-A-W / Orange / Andrew L. Cameron3/19/2019
Violation of ProbationVOP Dismissed!State v. 2015-CT-002972 / Osceola / Christine Arendas3/19/2019
Child abuse, battery on a law enforcement officer, resisting officer with violence.Child abuse and battery on a law enforcement officer; charged dropped! Resisting officer with violence; adjudication withheld, three years probation.State v. 2018-CF-016387-A-O / Orange / Bob LeBlanc3/19/2019
Client hired for expulsion hearing (level 4)Client sent to Positive Pathways until March 8, 2019.Expulsion / Orange3/19/2019
False Report of Child Abuse Abandonment or NeglectThis case was about to go to trial and last minute prosecutors dropped all 11 felonies and offered our client a plea to one misdemeanor count. Count 1 was amended to misdemeanor to this misdemeanor. We were able then to get the state to drop 11 felony counts. The client was NOT convicted and paid one set of court costs.State v. 2018-CF-046036 / Brevard / Lisa Davidson3/19/2019
False Statement Report information to Law Enforcement Officer Re Allege Crime; False Report of Child Abuse Abandonment or NeglectClient pled to first charge, adjudication was withheld and they were placed on probation for 13 days. All other charges were dropped.State v. 2018-CF-046036 / Brevard / Lisa Davidson3/19/2019
Client hired for violation of probationPled to charge and admitted VOP. They were adjudicated guilty and probation was terminated. He also received 3 days of credited jail time servedState v. 2017-CF-000556 / Osceola / Jon B. Morgan3/19/2019
False Statement Report information to Law Enforcement Officer Re Allege Crime; False Report of Child Abuse Abandonment or NeglectClient pled to charge and adjudication was withheld. He was placed on probation for 13 days and 13 days with credited jail time served. Additionally, they had $183.89 in court costs and fines. Disposed by prosecutor (charges dropped)State v. 2018-CF-046036 / Brevard / Lisa Davidson3/19/2019
Fleeing or Attempting to Elude- Third Degree Felony; Reckless DrivingNo information filed (Dismissed)State v. 2019-CF-002247-A-O / Orange / Denise Kim Beamer3/19/2019
Child Abuse- Third Degree FelonyClient pled to this charge and adjudication was withheld. They were given 2 years probation, 90 days of anger management class and $155 in court costs.State v. 2018-CF-015645 / Orange / Keith White3/19/2019
Possession of Cannabis with intent to sell or deliver- Third Degree Felony; Possession of more than 20 grams of cannabis- Third Degree Felony; Possession of Cannabis more than 20 grams (attempt) Third Degree Felony; Possession of Cannabis with intent to sell/deliver- Third Degree Felony; Possession of Drug Paraphernalia First Degree MisdemeanorClient pled nolo contendere to this charge and adjudication was withheld. Additionally they received 18 months probation, 100 community service hours with the option to buy out for $10 per hour and additional court costs.State v. 2018-CF-016524-A-O / Orange / Bob Le Blanc3/19/2019
Client hired for a motion to modify probation to allow travelMotion was Granted2018-CF-002235 / Orange / Denise Kim Beamer3/19/2019
DUI and unlawful speedDui; adjudicated guilty, ordered to pay $941.00 and 11 months 29 days probation. Unlawful speed charge was dismissedState v. 2017-MM-001155-A / Seminole / Frederic Schott3/19/2019
BatteryPlea to the bench. Withhold, 180 days probation, 25 hours community service, anger management class. All but $85.34 covered by cash bond. 30 days to pay the remainder. 150 days to do the class and community service.State v. 2018-MM-010423-A-O / Orange / Brian F. Duckworth3/19/2019
Possession of Marijuana oilCharges DroppedState v. 2019-CJ-000150 / Seminole / Kenneth R. Lester3/19/2019
7 counts of Lewd or Lascivious Battery (Second Degree Felony); 26 counts of Lewd or Lascivious Battery (First Degree Felony); 1 count Impregnating a Minor (Third Degree Felony)Client pled to charges and was Adjudicated Guilty for counts 1-3 (Lewd or Lascivious Battery first Degree Felony). He was sentence to 5 years with 371 days as credited time served and 10 years of Supervised Probation. All other charges were dropped.State v. 2017-CF-11191-A-O / Orange / John E. Jordan3/19/2019
Respondent hired for a domestic violence injunction filed against themThe injunction petition was denied and dismissed due to insufficient evidence presented.Petitioner v. 2019-DR-000702 / Seminole / James DeKleva3/19/2019
Client hired for a motion to terminate probation earlyMotion DeniedState v. 2018-CF-009614-A-O / Orange / Dan Traver3/19/2019
Reckless Driving Alcohol Related- Second Degree MisdemeanorClient pled to this charge and adjudication was withheld. They were given 9 month and a total of $456 in fines. The initial charge was DUI. We got it reduced to a reckless.State v. 2018-MM-009321-A / Seminole / Frederic Schott3/19/2019
Possession of Cannabis less than 20 grams; Possession of Drug ParaphernaliaClient pled to both charges and adjudication was withheld. They were only required to pay a $269.50 charge in court costs in addition to $85 for cost of investigation.State v. 2018-MM-053450-A / Brevard / David C. Koenig3/19/2019
Neglect of a Child- Third Degree Felony; False Official Statements- Second Degree Misdemeanor; False Information to Law Enforcement During InvestigationNolle Prosequi (Charge Dropped); Nolle Prosequi (Charge Dropped); Client plead Nolo Contendere to charges and as a result this charge amended to False Official Statement. Adjudication is withheld and client has 12 months probation, 90 hours of parenting class, 50 community service hours, additional court cost, and required to follow DCF ordersState v. 2018-CF-014525-A-O / Orange / Tom Young3/19/2019
Following Too CloselyDismissedState v. 2018-TR-001369-A-O / Orange / Martha C. Adams3/19/2019
Driving Under the Influence First Degree MisdemeanorNolle Prosequi (Charge Dropped after Pre Trial Diversion Completion)State v. 2018-CT-000138-A-O / Orange / Martha C. Adams3/19/2019
Driving Under the InfluenceClient pled to 12 months probation, and a suspended drivers license that was reduced from 12 months to 6 monthsState v. 2018-CT-005535-A / Lake / Brian Welke3/19/2019
Traffic Infraction - Unlawful SpeedAdjudication withheld, $129 fine and 8 hours of driving schoolState v. 2019-TR-006975 / Orange / as Assigned 553/19/2019
Traffic Citation - Unlawful SpeedClient pled Nolo Contender and got adjudication withheld. They are required to pay $129 fine but no points added to driving recordState v. 2019-TR-003377 / Orange / as Assigned 553/19/2019
Driving Under the Influence Manslaughter - Second Degree Felony; Leaving the Scene of a Crash with Death- First Degree FelonyClient pled to charges and sentenced to 4 years in Florida Department of Corrections followed by supervised probation for a period of 60 months; Nolle Prosequi (charge dropped)State v. 2017-CF-003247-A-O / Orange / John E. Jordan3/19/2019
Client hired for a Violation of ProbationClient was in jail at time of plea and was sentenced to credit for time served. Our client was finally able to get out of jail without any more jail timeState v. 2018-CF-001387 / Osceola / Jon Morgan3/19/2019
Parents hired for an expulsion hearing that was already in the 2nd phase (appeal)Client is required to complete 90 days at alternative schoolSchool Expulsion / Orange3/19/2019
Domestic Battery by Strangulation - Third Degree Felony; Battery Domestic ViolenceNolle Prosequi (Charge Dropped) for BothState v. 2018-CF-008519-A-O / Orange / Elaine Barbour3/19/2019
Driving Under the Influence Manslaughter - Second Degree Felony; Leaving the Scene of a Crash with Death - First Degree FelonyClient pled to 9 years in Florida Department of Corrections and 5 years probation; Nolle Prosequi (charge dropped)State v. 2017-CF-003247-A-O / Orange / John E. Jordan3/19/2019
Driving While License Suspended with KnowledgeDismissed (Nolle Prosequi)State v. 2018-CT-009234-A / Polk / Hope Pattey3/19/2019
Possession of Drug Paraphernalia; Possession of Cannabis <20 gramsCharges DroppedState V. 2019-MM-000906-A-O / Orange / Criminal Division A3/19/2019
Client hired for a motion to modify sentence and impose a withhold of adjudicationMotion was deniedState v. 2017-TR-034047 / Polk / Margery Wolf3/19/2019
Failure to Yield oncoming traffic when making a left turnCase DismissedState v. 2018-TR-141316-A-O / Orange / as Assigned 553/19/2019
Driving Under the Influence; Possession of Cannabis less than 20 gramsOriginal DUI charge was with a crash but client pled to simple DUI charge and was given 12 months probation; Charge DroppedState v. 2018-MM-009939-A / Seminole / Jerri Collins3/19/2019
Driving Under the Influence charge amended to Reckless DrivingClient plead to reckless driving charge, adjudication of guilt, 6 months of probation with possibility of early termination, alcohol safety education class, victim awareness panel, 50 hours of community service, and court costs.State v. 2018-314968-MMDB / Volusia / David Foxman3/19/2019
Obtaining Public Assistance of $200 or more by Fraud (Failure to Report Employment)Bradford was able to get her into Pretrial diversion which they completed this month and the charge was dropped.State v. 2017-CF-002944 / Osceola / Greg Tynan3/19/2019
4 Charges of Lewd or Lascivious Molestation (Victim less than 12 years of age), 1 count of Felony BatteryAll 4 charges of Lewd or Lascivious Molestation were dropped, Not convicted on the Felony BatteryState v. 2017-CF-006013-A-O / Orange / Gail Adams3/19/2019
Disorderly ConductNolle Prosequi (charge dropped)State v. 2018-CJ-002933-A-O / Orange / Robert Egan3/19/2019
Client hired for Violation of ProbationClient also admitted to VOP for this charge and probation was re instated. Adjudication remains withheld.State v. 2018-CF-000513-A-O / Orange / Gail Adams3/19/2019
Client hired for Violation of ProbationAdmitted VOP; Adjudication still remains withheld while probation is reinstated under the same conditions.State v. 2018-CF-001498-A-O / Orange / Gail Adams3/19/2019
Assault (Domestic Violence)- Second Degree MisdemeanorNotice of No Information (Dismissed)State v. 2019-MM-000096-A-W / Orange / Maureen Bell3/19/2019
Battery (Domestic Violence)- First Degree MisdemeanorNo Information Notice (Dismissed)State v. 2019-MM-001180-A-O / Orange / Maureen Bell3/19/2019
Obtaining Public Assistance of $200 or more by Fraud (Failure to Report Employment)Our lawyer乐福彩票网 was able to get this particular client into Pretrial diversion which they completed this month. The charges have been dropped and now our client is able to expunge her records!State v. 2017-CF-002944 / Osceola / Greg Tynan3/19/2019
Injunction for StalkingCase dismissed, injunction droppedPetitioner v. 2019-DR-000381-O / Orange / Alice Blackwell3/19/2019
Motion to Modify ProbationMotion was grantedState v. 2009-CF-012432-A-O / Orange Jenifer Harris3/19/2019
Motion for Early Termination of ProbationMotion grantedState v. 2013-CF-013321-S-O / Orange / Keith White3/19/2019
Resisting Arrest w/o violence, Hired for expungementgranted petition to expungeState v. 2009-MM-004248-A-O / Orange / Andrew Cameron2/19/2019
Trespass in Occupied StructureNolle ProsequiState v. 2018-MM-000177-A-O / Orange / Maureen Bell2/19/2019
Client Hired for Violation of ProbationAdmitted VOP; Received 30 days jail time and his probation was reinstated. Additionally his withheld of adjudication was maintained.State v. 2018-CF-001858 / Osceola / Greg Tynan2/19/2019
BatteryNolle ProsequiState v. 2019-MM-002072-A / Seminole / Debra Krause2/19/2019
Possession of Paraphernalia; DUI Property DamageAdjudicated guilty on both charges. 12 months probation on both counts running concurrent, 80 hours community service with the option to buy out hoursState v. 2019-MM-002740 / Sumter / Paul L. Militello2/19/2019
Violation of Domestic Injunction or Foreign Protection order by going to a frequent location within 500 feetNolle Prosequi (Charge Dropped)State v. 2018-MM-001470 / Orange / Maureen Bell2/19/2019
BatteryAdj Withheld2018-CJ-003629-A-O / Orange / Robert J. Egan2/19/2019
Client hired for Motion to modify sentence to withhold of adjudication or in the alternative, motion to withdraw plea and re enter plea to seek withholdAdjudication Withheld (Granted)2013-TR-086772-A-O / Orange / Hearing Officer 982/19/2019
Resisting an Officer without Violence; Open Container- Second Degree Misdemeanor; Disorderly ConductNolle Prosequi (Charge Dropped); Nolle Prosequi (Charge Dropped); Client pled to this charge, was adjudicated guilty, and received a $500 fine.2018-MM-008869-A-O / Orange / Martha Adams2/19/2019
Tampering with witness and Battery (Domestic Violence)Charges DroppedState v. 2018-CF-018089-A-O / Orange / John Marshall Kest2/19/2019
Racing on highwayCharge was amended from racing on highway to careless driving ; charges dropped!State v. 2019-CT-000353-A-O / Orange / David P. Johnson2/19/2019
Petit theft of $100 or moreCharges Dropped!State v. 2017-MM-004887-A-O / Orange / Martha C. Adams2/19/2019
Possession of CocaineDismissedState v. 2017-CF-016634-A-O / Orange / Denise Kim Beamer2/19/2019
Petit TheftCharges DroppedState v. 2018-MM-003058-A-O / Orange / Steve Jewett2/19/2019
Trespassing on property after warningCharges DroppedState v. 2018-MM-011430-A-O / Orange / Criminal Division A2/19/2019
Petit Theft (Retail)Nolle Prosequi/ Charges DroppedState v. 2018-MM-001245-A-O / Orange / Brain F. Duckworth2/19/2019
Driving while license suspended or revokedNolo-ContendereState v. 2018-MM-010916 / Orange / Debra L. Krause2/19/2019
Possession of less than 20g marijuana, use of possession of drug paraphernalia, and DL not carried or exhibited on handNolle Prosequi; individual completed diversion program.State v. 2018-MM-001519-A / Seminole / Jerri Collins2/19/2019
Failure to report information to injured personAdjudication WithheldState v. 2019-CT-001030-A-O / Orange / Brian F. Duckworth2/19/2019
Battery (Domestic Violence)Nolle Prosequi/ Charges Dropped2016-MM-011743-A-O / Orange / Maureen A. Bell2/19/2019
Petit TheftNolle Prosequi/ Charges DroppedState v. 2018-MM-002393-A-O / Orange / Adam McGinnis2/19/2019
Violation of Condition of Pre Trial Release- Domestic- First Degree MisdemeanorClient pled to charge and adjudication was withheld. Client is required to have grief counseling in addition to 20 hours of community service which was already done.State v. 2018-MM-011035-A / Seminole / Jerri Collins2/19/2019
Driving Under the InfluenceClient plead to charge and was adjudicated guilty with 1 year probationState v. 2018-CT-002826 / Osceola / Hal Epperson2/19/2019
Reckless Driving First OffenseNolle Prosequi (Charge Dropped)State v. 2018-CT-002829 / Osceola / Hal Epperson2/19/2019
Client Hired for a school expulsion; level 4 THC vape penClient was not expelled and required to go to counseling. They were back in school the very same dayExpulsion / Orange2/19/2019
Petit Theft (M2)Charge DroppedState V. 2017-MM-007524-A-O / Orange / Gisela T Laurent2/19/2019
Reckless Driving- Second Degree MisdemeanorAmended to: TR-M/C 1st offense both wheels on ground and Adjudication Withheld; pay fine/cost totaling $283.00State V. 2018-CT-009914-A-O / Orange / Wayne J Shoemaker2/19/2019
Racing on highway (any manner of participation) - First Degree MisdemeanorAmended to Careless Driving; Adjudication Withheld; Pay Fine/Costs totaling $187.00State V. 2019-CT-000352-A-O / Orange / David P. Johnson2/19/2019
Battery (Domestic Violence)Charge DroppedState V. 2019-MM-000108-A-W / Orange / Maureen Bell2/19/2019
Driving Under the Influence; Leaving the Scene of a Crash with Damage to Property More than $50; Careless DrivingAlthough client plead to this charge, was adjudicated guilty, and has their license suspended for 6 months, their additional court cost and fines (totaling $938.27) were converted to community service hours and probation for 11 months; Nolle Prosequi (Charge Dropped); Charge DismissedState v. 2018-MM-105043 / Volusia / Angela Dempsey2/19/2019
Assault (Threat)- Second Degree MisdemeanorClient plead to charge- Adjudication is withheld with mandatory anger management courses, 180 days probation, 8 hour defensive driving course, no contact with victim, and an order to pay $323 dollars total in restitution and court costs.State v. 2019-CF-014350-A-O / Orange / Denise Kim Beamer2/19/2019
Violation of ProbationClient admitted to Violation of Probation; ordered to serve 24 days in jail (24 days credited time served). Probation was also restored under the same terms with modifications and the adjudication of guilt for original charge (Grand Theft Third Degree) will continue to be withheld.State v. 2016-CF-002932 / Osceola / Jon B. Morgan2/19/2019
Violation of ProbationClient admitted to Violation of Probation; ordered to serve 24 days in jail (24 days credited time served). Probation was also restored under the same terms with modification.State v. 2016-CF-002933 / Osceola / Jon B. Morgan2/19/2019
Originally a Driving Under the Influence Charge now reduced to a criminal Traffic- Reckless Driving Second Degree MisdemeanorClient plead to charge and was Adjudicated Guilty ; 11 months and 29 days probation, DUI School, 50 hours of community service and a fine for $525 with additional financial obligations totaling at $894.16.State v. 2018-CT-003412-A-O / Orange / Andrew L. Cameron2/19/2019
Grand Theft Third DegreeCharges droppedState v. 2017-CF-001343 / Osceola / Wayne Wooten2/19/2019
Grand Theft of Motor Vehicle - Third Degree FelonyClient Plead to charge; Adjudication withheld with 36 months probation, an anti theft class, $1000 restitution, $5075.91 to State Farm Insurance, $189 to Brevard Sheriffs Office, and $100 court cost.State v. 2019-CF-012404-A / Brevard / Kelly Jo McKibben2/19/2019
Possession of Cannabis Less than 20 gramClient plead to charge; Adjudication withheld and a $250 fine.State v. 2017-MM-000202-A-O / Orange / Martha Adams2/19/2019
Violation of Probation- Possession of Marijuana over 20 gramsAdmitted to Violation Probation ; 120 days in jail with 47 days as credited time servedState v. 2018-CF-005103 / Orange / Marshall Kest2/19/2019
Violation of Probation and Possession of MethamphetamineClient admitted to Violation of Probation ; 120 days in jail and a termination of probation.State v. 2018-CF-000601 / Orange / Kim Beamer2/19/2019
Unlawful Speed Civil Traffic InfractionAdjudication Withheld and a $162 fineState v. 2019-TR-010041-A-O / Orange / : 98 Hearing Officer2/19/2019
Traffic Infraction - Failure to Obey Traffic Control DeviceAdjudication Withheld and a $166 fineState v. AAMK9AE / Seminole / Charles J. Cino2/19/2019
Careless DrivingClient Plead Nolo Contendere to Traffic infraction and got Adjudication Withheld, a fine, and no points on record.State v. 2019-TR-00049-A-A / Orange. Jeanette D. Bigney2/19/2019
Battery, Committed Domestic Battery by StrangulationCharge Dismissed (Notice of No Information)State v. 2019-CF-000415-A / Seminole / John Galluzzo2/19/2019
Violation of ProbationClient plead to charge after admitted VOP and paid a fineState v. 2015-CT-004550-A / Lake / Cary Rada2/19/2019
Driving Under the Influence Impairment or DUI .15 or above - First OffenseAdjudicated guilty - 6 months license suspension with interlock device and 12 months of supervised probationState v. 2018-CT-004500-A / Lake / Brian Welke2/19/2019
Careless DrivingAdjudication withheld with a $200 fineState v. 2018-TR-025737 / Lake / Terry Neal2/19/2019
Civil Traffic Infraction- Careless DrivingDismissedState v. 2018-TR-036151-A-W / Orange / Steve Jewett2/19/2019
Criminal Traffic- Reckless Driving (Reduced from DUI)- Second Degree MisdemeanorClient plead to reduced Reckless driving charge and was adjudicated guiltyState v. 2018-CT-009154-A-O / Orange / Steve Jewett2/19/2019
Criminal Traffic- Leaving the Scene without giving information, more than $50 in damages- Second Degree MisdemeanorNolle Prosequi (Charge Dropped)State v. 2018-CT-009153 / Orange / Steve Jewett2/19/2019
Petit Theft of $100 or More- First Degree MisdemeanorSmall court fine with Adjudication WithheldState v. 2016-MM-009920 / Orange / Jeanette Bigney2/19/2019
Possession of Cannabis with intent to sell or deliver; Possession of 20 grams or less of Cannabis; Possession of Drug Paraphernalia; Tampering With or FabricateCharge Dropped. Client plead to charges 1-3 and was sentenced to 2 days jail time with 2 days credited time served. Also has to serve 100 hours of community service with 60 days probation.State v. 2018-CF-003334 / Osceola / Wayne Wooten2/19/2019
Failure to Yield Oncoming Traffic when making Left TurnCase DismissedState v. 2018-TR-133874-A-O / Orange / Assigned 552/19/2019
Reckless Driving Alcohol Related- Second Degree MisdemeanorClient was almost charged with DUI but Rachel was able to reduce charge to reckless driving alcohol related (Adjudication Withheld) with a fine. This was a good result I was happy with. He blew a .244 so he didnt qualify for PTD. We were able to get him a wet reckless withhold and minimum penalties (so no interlock device despite super high BAC). Dad was thrilled and wanted to thank Bill personally for assigning the case to me.State v. 2018-CT-007666-O-A / Orange / Brian Duckworth2/19/2019
Lewd or Lascivious Molestation, Lewd Lascivious Molestation Victim Less than 12 YOA, Offender 18+Both charges dropped by the State. Client was accused of inappropriately touching two minors facing two potential 25 to life sentences and designation as a sexual predator. After years of litigation the state dismissed both counts after it was proven both children were not credible in their initial allegations.State v. 2017-CF-003283 / Osceola / Jon B. Morgan2/19/2019
乐福彩票网 Invasion Robbery with a FirearmClient was being held in Orange Jail with no bond. Motion granted, bond set at $25,000.00.State v. 2019-CF-000740-A-O / Orange. Elaine A. Barbour2/19/2019
3rd degree Felony: Resisting Officer, fleeing eluding law enforcement with lights/siren active. 2nd degree Misdemeanor: Failure to Obey Police Officer. Infraction: Running a red light.First charge downgraded to a 1st degree Misdemeanor: Adjudicated guilty, 12 months probation and court costs. Second charge adjudicated guilty 6 months probation. Infraction dismissed. Client was charged with felony fleeing to allude, by law if enters a plea to that charge requires adjudication and mandatory DL suspension. Negotiated resolution to plea to lesser misdemeanor resisting officer without violence and failure to obey police officer. Placed on probation with traffic infraction dismissed.State v. 2018-CF-002422 / Seminole / Melanie Chase2/19/2019
Violation of ProbationClient rehired for a violation of probation resulted in warrant being withdrawn and termination of probationState v. 2017-MM-002667A / Polk / Sharon M. Franklin2/19/2019
Reckless Driving (Reduced from DUI)Adjudication Withheld/not convicted, Pre Trial DiversionState v. 2019-CT-000130-A-E / Orange / Steve Jewett
Unlawful speed in school zoneWithhold of adjudication/not convictedState v. 2019-CT-000130-A-E / Orange / Steve Jewett
Battery Domestic ViolenceNolle Prosequi, case droppedState v. 2018-MM-222-A-O / Seminole / Frederic Schott1/22/2019
DUINolle Prosequi (dismissed)State v. 2014-CT-009355-A-O / Orange / Adam McGinnis1/19/2019
Client hired for violation of probationVOP admitted and probation was terminated and ordered to pay $70 in restitutionState v. 2017-CF-016819-A-O / Orange Denise Beamer1/19/2019
Violation of ProbationClient admitted to VOP and probation was terminated. They were ordered to serve a new probationary period for 3 years in addition to additional court costs and finesState v. 2018-CF-002235-A-O / Orange / Denise Beamer1/19/2019
Grand Theft 3rd Degree; Fraudulent Use of Credit Card; Fraudulent Use of Credit CardNo information Filed (All Charges Dropped)State v. 2018-CF-0111784-A-O / Orange / Denise Beamer1/19/2019
Client hired for injunction filed against himInjunction deniedPetitioner v. 2018-DR-015318 / Orange / Alicia Latimore1/19/2019
Resisting Officer Without ViolenceCharges Dropped!State v. 2018-MM-011407-O / Orange / Criminal Div. A1/19/2019
Carjacking with a firearm; Aggravated Battery with a Deadly Weapon; Grand Theft Third degree Motor Vehicle; Grand Theft Third Degree more than $300 less than $5,000Nolle Prosequi (Charge Dropped); Client pled to lesser charge (Felony Battery with Great Bodily Harm) and adjudication was withheld while on supervised probation until 19th birthday; Client also pled to this charge and adjudication was withheld. Client will remain on probation until 19th birthday for this charge as well; Nolle Prosequi (Charge Dropped)State v. 2018-CJ-003268 / Orange / Robert Egan1/19/2019
Battery Cause Bodily Harm Domestic ViolenceNolle Prosequi (Charge Dropped)State v. 2018-MM-222-A-O / Seminole / Frederic Schott1/19/2019
Client hired for an injunctionDismissedPetitioner v. 2017-DR-4534 / Seminole / Susan Stacy1/19/2019
Possession of Methamphetamine; Possession of Drug ParaphernaliaClient pled to charges; Adjudication is withheld for the first charge. For the second, client was adjudicated guilty with 1 year supervised probation, 50 hours of community service, court costs, and an 11 month Drug and Alcohol Evaluation.State v. 2018-CF-003225 / Osceola / Greg Tynan1/19/2019
2 charges of Obtaining or Attempting to Obtain Controlled Substance by FraudNot convicted on both countsState v. 2018-CF-002365 / Osceola / Wayne Wooten1/19/2019
Possession of More than 20 Grams of Cannabis- Third Degree Felony; Driving While License Suspended - Second Degree MisdemeanorClient plead to this charge and was adjudicated guilty with 6 months probation; Charge dropped (Nolle Prosequi)State v. 2018-CF-013360-A-O / Orange / Dan Traver1/19/2019
Grand Theft Dwell/Property $100 to Under $300Nolle Prosequi (charge dropped)State v. 2018-CF-000739-A / Polk / Wayne Durden1/19/2019
Grand Theft of $5000 or More- Third Degree FelonyNolle Prosequi (State dropped charge)State v. 2018-CF-003623 / Osceola / Jon B. Morgan1/19/2019
False Report of BombingState dropped ChargeState v. 2018-CJ-002667 / Orange / Robert Egan1/19/2019
Offer to Commit/Commit Prostitution/ Lewdness- Second Degree Misdemeanor; and Misrepresentation of Self as Licensed Masseur- First Degree MisdemeanorClient plead Nolo Contendere to both charges and Adjudication is Withheld. They also have 6 months probation, required to do HIV/STD testing, and 30 hours of community service they can buy out.State v. 2018-MM-007455 / Polk / Hope M. Pattey1/19/2019
Possession of Material Depicting Sex Performed -Second Degree Felony; and Unlawful Possession of Material Depicting Sexual Performance by a Child (9 counts)- All Third Degree FeloniesClient plead to charges 1-6 and was adjudicated delinquent. Charges 7-10 were dropped. They were placed on post-commitment juvenile probation indefinitely until age 19 and to have a sex offender probation report within 24 hours of release. They also have a 6am-6pm curfew set.State v. 2018-CJ-002738-A-O / Orange / Robert Egan1/19/2019
Level 4- Threat to SchoolVerified and sent to secondary school for 180 daysExpulsion Hearing for R.G. / Orange1/19/2019
Battery Domestic ViolencePretrial Diversion Program Successfully completed, charges droppedState v. 2018-MM-00133A / Seminole / Jerri Collins1/19/2019
DUI Property Damage or Personal InjuryNolle Prosequi (charge dropped)State v. 2018-CT-003033 / Osceola / Hal Epperson1/19/2019
Driving Under the InfluenceAdjudicated Guilty with 12 months probationState v. 2018-CT-003032 / Osceola / Hal C. Epperson Jr.1/19/2019
Violation of ProbationProbation modified and reinstatedState v. 2017-MM-001155A / Seminole / Frederic Schott1/19/2019
Violation of Probation: Possession of cocaine, possession of cannabisNo conviction, charge droppedState v. 2016-CF-004151-A-O / Orange / Bob LeBlanc1/19/2019
Domestic Violence BatteryNolle prosequi charges dropped on the Friday before trial (hired for expunge)State v. 2017-MM-003789 / Lake / Cary Rada1/19/2019
Battery (one prior for Domestic Violence); Tampering with witness to hinder communication with law enforcement; Aggregated Battery (Domestic Violence)No Information Notice All charges dropped. Client was PRR looking at a mandatory 15 year prison sentence. We coordinated a meeting between the alleged victim and the State Attorney and got a signed affidavit declining prosecution. We followed up with the State and convinced them to drop all charges despite independent evidence.State v. 2018-CF-016597 / Orange / Dan Traver1/19/2019
Client hired for a motion for Early Termination of ProbationProbation revoked and terminatedState v. 2018-CT-003328 / Orange / Andrew L. Cameron1/19/2019
Grand TheftWithhold of adjudication, 24 months probation and theft class. Early termination possible after 12 months.State v. 2018-CF-001705-A / Seminole / Melissa Souto1/19/2019
Possessions of Marijuana <20 grams; Possession of ParaphernaliaWithhold of Adjudication, $200 fine, No Probation, Court Costs with 90 days to pay; Adjudicated GuiltyState v. 2018-MM-03550 / Orange Arendas1/19/2019
Violation of Probation on dealing in stolen property; Grand Theft Third Degree of a motor vehicleProbation reinstated, probation terms modified. I got the probation reinstated and maintained the withhold even though hes license or get labeled a convicted felon. Pretty good!State v. 2018-CF-005834-A-O / Orange Dan Traver1/19/2019
Driving Under the Influence- First Degree MisdemeanorAttorney was able to get the State Attorney to agree to Pre-Trial Diversion. Once diversion program was completed the charge was dropped (Nolle Prosequi).State v. 2017-CT-6214-A-O / Orange / Wayne Shoemaker1/19/2019
Aggravated Battery (Great Bodily Harm) - Second Degree Felony; Domestic Battery by Strangulation - Third Degree FelonyNolle Prosequi (Charge Dropped); Nolle Prosequi (Charge Dropped)State v. 2018-CF-106650 / Orange / John Jordan1/19/2019
Grand Theft 3rd degree FelonyReferred to Drug Court, charges dropped after successful completion of Drug CourtState v. 2017-CF-009825 / Orange / James A. Cramer1/19/2019
Client hired for a Modification of ProbationMotion was granted to allow contact with children as authorized by Family law Court and defers to family court regarding contact with children. The court denied the motion to delete GPS monitoring and exclusion zones after 9/1/19 after victim has moved to Spain.State v. 2016-CF-002872-A / Seminole / Melanie Chase1/19/2019
Client hired for a Violation of ProbationCourt granted motion to recall warrant and revoke and terminate probationState v. 2007-CF-019215-A-O / Orange / Elaine Barbour1/19/2019
Violation of Traffic Control Device.DismissedState v. AAJ7GVE / Seminole / Christopher Morrison1/19/2019
Traffic Infraction- Unlawful SpeedAdjudication Withheld with a $129.00 fine and $33 court cost payment.State v. 2018-TR-108910 / Orange / Assigned 551/19/2019
False Report About Planting a BombCharges dismissed after client acquitted during trial.In Re 2018-CJ-002667 Orange/ Robert J. Egan1/19/2019
Resident of Florida for 3 Years without obtaining FL DLWe got this amended to civil failure to display, withhold of adjudication, fine and court costs.State v. 2019-MM-008553-A / Seminole / Frederic Schott